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By Silver-York's Request - Thats all folks!


The 2020 Silver- York “Talisman” By Vernon Autos

Packing a 6.6L Bi-turbo Centaurus V12 with 624hp at 5900rpm and 590ft-lbs at 2700 rpm to 3400rpm, This Silver- York will glide effortlessly past The competition at 200mph. Even at a 2500kg Kerb Weight, This humble beast has no problem getting 20+mpg on the highway. Hand Stitched Leather is Just the edge of the iceberg of what this car has to offer when it comes to creature comforts.
SYR_Micz233_-Vernon.car (139.0 KB)


Congratulations, Silver-York for 120 years of groundbreaking luxury development.
-From your friends at Elwood.

Silver-York Centoventi Concept

We bring you a present for this tremendous occasion, not because of this just being a big number to celebrate, but rather as a token of appreciation and as a friendly gift to you from us.
When we started in 1899 we didn’t set out to create world renown luxury cars, but rather more affordable motorcars in small numbers, however in the 1930’s we were inspired by a certain brand and their car to create luxury cars of our own. The brand and car? Silver-York and their Teleiótita.
Ever since then we were making minor improvements with our luxury cars, however while being in the shadow of S-Y.
But in 1959 we made an impact with our Elwood Iroquois and the next year Silver-York got a little more aggressive with their advertising after our Iroquois, and since then we knew we got taken more seriously as a luxury brand, and the rest is history.



2 seats in a 10 meter long yacht? Do you need more?


Silver-York Halycon

From Tristella Design

Two toned, front engine, rear wheel drive, super grand tourer. The Halycon brings you back to the the great past of Silver-York, here with a modern touch.

Additional Images

(The grille literally kills my computer enough that I can’t take 4k pictures of this lmao)


Less than 48hrs remaining

Received cars from:


We at Zacspeed congratulate our friends at Silver-York for enduring for 120 years not just as a company, but as an icon of luxury - truly a purveyor of perfection. It makes sense, then, that one of the company’s most acclaimed models yet used the Greek word representing such an idea - perfection. How, then, does one top that? To us, the answer is not as simple as another front-engine super GT. The answer lies beyond that in the realm of the hypers… A realm we are as comfortable in as a guest in in Teleiótita’s presence.

Thus, we decided to resurrect the Rouge-Teleiótita in a body with a midship engine, its chassis plucked from the Zenith production line. Similarly, the venerable RA series of V12s was chosen, here enlarged to 7.7L - the largest in recent Zacspeed history - and twin-turbocharged to provide 1622 graciously-delivered horsepower, with 1297 lb-ft of torque to boot. A modified AWD drivetrain from the same car also found its way in - this time, with a seven-speed DCT. Cutting-edge technology was crammed into this svelte package, including an active rear wing, retracting mirrors (closed up, it looks like the traditional fender grille), cooling flaps, a heads-up display, over-the-air updates, and gesture controls. Also included is a mode selector, which allows the user to switch between weather, economy, touring, sport, track, and top speed modes.

Tallying these, including a hand-made interior and bleeding-edge safety, the car weighs in at 3979 lbs. Despite this, it will launch to 62 MPH from zero in 2.1 seconds, slap down an 8.59 in the quarter-mile, consume a gallon of premium every 19.8 miles, and fly through the Nordschleife in under 6:45. Approaching the top speed is a more complicated affair than just powering through, with the devoted driving mode lowering the wing as much as possible and progressively shifting toward full rear-power distribution as speed increases. This car will comfortably cruise at 200 MPH, but all in, it will top out at 306 MPH.

It would be safe to conclude that off the spec sheet, this hyper GT rekindles the exclusive luxurious performance flame ignited in the Telly - but can it passionately burn like its spicy predecessor when it comes to design? Our goal was to look back over a century, at the present, and into the future by a century, and fuse all of them. The first picture in this post can be viewed as a modern rendition of Silver-York’s lauded Teleiótita poster, and the second is a shot featuring a futuristic fusing of the Silver-York eagle and the Zacspeed Z.

As for the car itself, we knew the grille would be a prominent show piece, but instead of making it obnoxiously large, we slimmed its profile and emphasized it with venting, exuding the same aura as the cigar-style Formula One cars of yore. On top of the vents are located lights inspired by Titleguy’s Silver-York Design Vision. Pulled from the 1935 car is a center line starting at the front, flowing through a chrome strip, running into a windshield wiper, hovering over the glass cockpit, and returning to a chrome strip over the intake. The camera mirror housing is inspired by the fender vent found on modern Silver-Yorks, sitting just ahead of door handles that open the suicide doors in a butterfly-style fashoin. Also like the car it succeeds is a two-tone paint job on the side, where splashes of Perfection Crimson replace Spectral Light; these two colors feature alongside chrome in the wheels, reminiscent of robot eyes.

Also present in chrome is three chrome streaks in the side indent; these are meant to emulate those chrome streaks found on Perfection’s side vents. In the same shade of crimson is a window line that merges back with curving rear window lines (under one of which hides a fuel cap) in the primary color into a rear vent. The rear window curves are parted by the intake (with the same venting as found on the Zacspeed R1 and Zenith) to mimic the rear visuals to the 1935 car. In between both of the rear intakes is badging proudly stating the engine beneath is a big behemoth. On to the rear, and one will find the rear monolight as an evolution of that currently employed in the Silver-York lineup. Four chrome cannons sit between a diffuser that climbs to the top of the rear fascia, and in chrome is proudly displayed the name of the company receiving this special gift.

Though the recipient is not receiving this just because they are turning as old as a scant few humans have. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the partnership between Silver-York and Zacspeed - one that turned out such cars as the Margrave Revenant. For six decades, where we provided performance work, they provided luxurious craftsmanship, and they were vital in accruing the funds needed to keep this company alive. Without Silver-York, Zacspeed may not be standing on the same two legs it is now… Assuming it would still stand.

Our goal, as a celebration and token of gratitude, was to recapture the Teleiótita’s emphatic essence and immortalize it again in a car that can showcase the luxury company’s efforts - no, our combined efforts - as the dawn to the next 120 years falls upon us. The future is here, it is fast, and it is gorgeous - it is, dare we say it, perfect.

Grace Jones: "It's Quick... It's Fun... It's Sexy..."





Here designs will be discussed, taken from the perspective of the brief, some of these designs may be really nicely designed but that I feel doesn’t fit what I was after. Thank you for all the entries. Cars will be judged in the order I received them in.

@Sky-High Design #1 - “Lucullan” design by Zepherous

First impressions of the Lucullan is that it is a unique and bold design, it features a really pleasant combo of shapes and designs. I can see the influence of the tele on the design from the side chrome lines to the unique rear window design. The design has a very GT style to its reminiscent of the Tele which I appreciate.

The design of the Lucullan is smart and clean, with agile shapes it embodies a modern design well, especially with the front of the design that has a very strong presence, I can see the clear shaping of the Silver-York grill and lower fascia that climbs up the side of the front. The front does have a very wide powerful stance, with the verticle main grill design which helps to create a sense of height to the design.
With the design that has been created, it is clear that it has an emphasis on performance, something that the tele did all those years ago.

With any design there comes some negatives, the major issues with this design from the nature of the brief is it’s a very wide stance. The widened front and rear arches do provide a rather awkward proportion.
Although the front of the Lucullan has a resemblance to modern SY I feel it has a simplistic design and doesn’t feel as unique and grand as it should.
Moving onto the side of the design, I feel that the vents and racing wheels take away from the grandeur of the design, it makes it looks more racey than it does flagship GT concept. I do feel vents are a very useful design element however it has swung to far into looking racey than it has beauty. The final downfall of this design is the rear, it feels too disjointed to the rest of the design.

"Thank you for the entry Lucullan, it’s a pleasant design however we at Silver-York feel that this design isn’t exactly what we were after.
Unfortunately the Lucullan wasn’t chosen.

@Maxbombe Design #2 - “Millenium Concept” designed by Spander

Out of the 9 entries received this has to be one of if not the boldest designs, the way this design has been completed is very much out of the ordinary, something that is to be expected from Spander’s designs. This product is a completely unique one.

Sitting at the front of the design is a large obvious grill, it sits boldly at the front with bronze inlays in an art deco array, the shaping emphasises the wings of the SY eagle which is a nice pleasant touch, this grill is a large and sits proudly at the front. It’s been executed well although it does feel slightly unusual and although the basic shape of the current SY grill has been used it does look, unlike current SY designs. Sitting beside the grill are some odd-shaped lamps, the use of the round beams is pleasant and is a throwback to the Tele.

This Spander design starts off with a unique and promising front but begins to fall as you progress towards the rear, the sides of the car is empty, besides the single chrome line and the tele inspired grill and furthermore with the rear that appears awkwardly tall due to the very low design skirts that have been applied throughout the design.
This was a design I was looking forward to seeing however it seems to miss several parts of the brief, the only real relevance to current SY design is the rear taillight which is the same as the current design, it would have been nice to have seen something relating to the current design aswell as being unique.
The choice of white was significantly questioned by design department due to blank canvas it creates, giving it an unfinished style.

I can see the ideas behind this design however it fails to put the whole brief into one package in a complete way, it puts bits in places but doesn’t flesh them out. I appreciate the art deco detailing within the grill, and retro style round beams. the bronze touches are one of the best we have seen. However, the design lacks a continuity throughout the design which is a shame since it could have been so much with influence from the current design language.

Spander it is with regret we announce that we will not be using your Millenium concept for our design, we have worked with you before on designs and hope that you will still be happy to work with us in the future. And a massive thank you.

@Vri404 Design #3 “Anesidora” designed by Hades

Opening this up it’s like looking at a M… oh wait no that’s not right.
The Anesidora is a design that’s trying to take a modern twist on Art-Deco, its large bold grill with big verticle chrome slits is very much alike Art-Deco inspired concepts that have been popping up over the last few years. Like the Maybach Vision concepts.
The body design here is similar to the Lucullan however due to the narrower arches it creates a much sleeker and sexier design.

looking at the design I can see that there’s been lots of chrome usage throughout the design, with the centre line like the one on Tele due to its aluminium body. The overall design has come out very suitable of a long prestigious GT design. We noticed the used of the special edition hood ornament found on the Tele and really like this attention to detail, something that can be seen in a couple of places throughout the design such as the lines on the roof and the 8 vents on either side representing the 8 exhausts found on either side of the tele. One thing that has stood out about this design is the colour, although not alike the Tele, it is a very classy and smart colour that was noticed instantly.

At the front of the design, we can see a bold nearly rectangular grill that’s the main design piece on the front, it dominates the front with its art deco design but it feels very overbearing compared to the rest of the design, there’s not much else going on the from beside the lights that flow into the grill. Ideally, we would have liked to have seen more SY identity at the front, Perhaps something more creative with the lower fascia would have been useful in finishing the front design off. One major issue that the Silver-Team had when evaluating this design was that it didn’t look very like a Silver-York in its design at all, which is something that will be difficult to justify for a concept that will represent 124 years of Silver-York.

In areas, the design really does hit the mark with its art deco touches and references to the tele. It has pleasant details that we appreciated, however, the design falls flat in places, with details such as the lower side indent seeming to be there for the sake of it and taking from the overall design, and the rear that looks rather empty beside the wide light design.

The Abesidora is a pleasant design but we at Silver-York can’t get over the fact it has a lack of Silver-York identity, especially with the modern design and feel it would not represent the identity of Silver-York in its concept. Again a really pleasant concept that struggled to juggle all of the wants of the brief.
Thank you for the entry.

@Mikonp7 Design #4 “Manhatten” designed by Propeller

Ahh yes, Propeller designs, this is immediately a standout unique design, it’s got lots of shaping to its design and stands out amount the entries, like the Spander this takes a slightly more oddball approach to the task at hand. Standing out from the field.

At the front we are greeted by a slight fishy face, however, this is due to the implementation of the Tele x modern SY design hybrid. The grill uses a design inspired by tele this is a nice subtle yet obvious design choice that really works with the overall design of the concept provided to us. As well as this we liked the side vents that are on the side is a nice throwback to the Tele.
Moving towards the side of the design we found that there was lots of progressive lines that moved from the front to the rear, these were a unique addition but weren’t particular sure of the relevance too the over-all design, Although this was an issue the lines were a pleasant touch and provided a progression towards the rear

All in all, this is a unique design, though were found several issues with it. Especially in having an identity within SY, it seems very unique in its external styling which is nice however it does mean that it is difficult for us to work with. One major thing we noticed with the design is its weird rear proportions. The car seems to have a hunch back to the rear which massively takes away the overall GT design, another critique is the large window design that makes the car seem more lethargic than GT, we would have probably recommended a more angular design along the rear pillar.
Overall this design is a unique piece but doesn’t work with what I was asking form the messiness along the side with throws of the design but with the lack of SY & Art deco identity, it seems to provide a design that works but also doesn’t work. The front grill and rear light bar are the most SY elements of the design but coupled with the odd lower fascia that doesn’t work with the main grill it loses it’s edge.

Propeller your design is a unique design, similar to Spander the uniqueness of the design has let it down, we appreciate the detail applied but feel it was applied to the wrong places. Aspects like the lower fascia come across baren and lacking, whereas areas like the side come across as having lots of shapes but without a tidiness to back it up. We thank you for the entry will be confirming that we will not be accepting.

Welp this got later than I excepted quickly, It's nearly 4 in the morning I best grab some z's and will finish off this in the morning.



This will cover the last 5 designs

@yangx2 Design #5 - “Myrtille aka Tits in Nutella” designed by Honghu

After a severe amount of translation and communication, we managed to figure out that Honghu were submitting a design and not just hacking us so all is good now! The design we received immediately spoke for its self.

At the front we are treated with a character-filled design, the large grill fills the front with its strong and impressive design, unlike Hades design, the large grill is joined with unique shapes and details that flow creating a really thought out front with art-deco elements. This the only design that immediately gave off a modern Art-Deco vibe.
Continuing with the front we really liked the use of the modern headlights with the round main beam that is definitely an obvious reference to the '35 Tele, it’s subtle yet distinct.

The front is by far the most promising part of this design, as we move towards the rear of the car we can see the centre line that splits the grill roof and rear window, a nice touch. On the side, we can see several details, that flow from the front towards the rear, similar to Propellers design in this aspect. The design coupled with the shaping of the body makes the Hongu design have a high sense of class.

Around the rear of the car, we see a full-width taillight somewhat similar to that of modern Silver-York however overall this design does struggle to show any modern Silver-York design. it does a very good job of working with art-deco and elements of the tele though it doesn’t scream SY in its design which is something we at SY feel it an important factor.

Overall this is clearly one of the best cars that we have received, it evokes Art-Deco incredibly well, perhaps the best out of all of the entries. The design has a very elegant and classy design and although lacks modern Sy touch it feels unique and a good representation of a future design.

Thank you very much Hongdu, your design managed to hit the brief rather well, it is one of the few that will be considered.
Well done made it to the final pickings.

@micz244 Design #6 - “Talisman” designed by Vernon Autos

The design initially didn’t spark any excitement however it did build a curious vibe due to its large nature and roofless design, this is the only design we received that was a convertible.

The Talisman has a bold and classy presence, it sits on a long 3.5M plus wheelbase which really helps with the design. At the front, we can see the reference to the current SY design language with the big bold grill and unique take on the lower fascia.

However the design seems to miss the mark significantly, the car seems to stray too far into Cadillac, which I understand SY commonly is related to Cadillac however the rear design moves away from the current design language and too far into Cadillac, not only this we are unsure of the badging on a car as this isn’t the Silver-York eagle.
We at Silver-York did find that the design seemed to fall flat in places, and although we do like the idea of a convertible we are unsure why this was used as it has no relation to the original Tele.

All in all the Talisman is a pleasant design, it has a sense of power and size to it however it fails to hit the brief, in fact, the design seems far too pedestrian for a 120-anniversary design, it fails to evoke SY in any way besides its modern grill there’s a major lack of Art-Deco detailing which is a shame due to the premise of the design.

Thank you for your entry, we appreciate the project, however, Vernon we do feel it fails to hit what we wanted, more of an art deco touch would have been appreciated.

@MGR_99 Design #7 - “Centoventi” designed by Elwood

Immediately the Centoventi gives off an impressive and powerful presence, it has uses the same body style as the Talisman, but with a more advanced and clear design.

Its design showcases some impressive attention to detail from the window line that curves from the side up the rear creating the top of the rear windows, the sharp modern headlights are a pleasant touch and have a very modern and unconventional design. There’s impeccable attention to detail throughout the design, with the well-constructed SY front fascia around to the rear where it features a different take on the SY tail-light design, continuing with the attention to detail we have the side vents on the side that is different to the designs used by the other designs, it hawks back to the tele with this piece.

It is very much reminiscent of a modern Silver-York, however, it does feel very much like just a modern Silver-York. Whilst it does evoke the idea and spirit behind what a modern Teleiótita should be, it doesn’t manage to demonstrate this in many of its design elements, it falls flat of being too experimental and similar to the Talisman it feels rather pedestrian.
Apart from the side vents and chrome trims, we don’t pick up on many other throwbacks. Any presence of Art Deco seems to be absent also, which is a shame due to the aim of the brief.

The Centoventi also falls into the trap of coming across as a rather pedestrian design, much more like a pre-production concept than the unique, all-singing, all-dancing vision concept we were hoping for. It’s celebrating 120 years of one of America’s oldest and most significant brands some more VA VA VOOOM would have been more suited.

So while the Centoventi is a design we really do like, it falls short of fulfilling the brief. Perhaps if it made more callbacks to the original Teleiótita, it could have flown further. It really does feel a shame to say this about this design as it is one of if not the best-crafted design of all of the designs submitted.

Elwood, this is an incredibly well-crafted design, however, it’s well crafted in all the wrong ways to hit this brief, it feels to Cadillac at the front and definitely too conventional. We are sorry to say but this design will not be considered however, we will be getting in touch with Elwood directly and utilising this design for another project, we hope that this accepted.

@Xepy Design #8 - “Halycon” designed Tristella Design


Immediately the Halycon demonstrates an exceptionally bold car design. It’s brash, it’s loud, and it certainly does exemplify the uniqueness that we were looking for. It’s hard to put our finger on exactly what it is about the design that does it for us, but the Halycon very much appeals.

The Halycon takes the ideas presented in the brief and pushes it all to the max. With its bold and hefty grille - plucked straight from present-day Silver-York design language - it transforms itself into a gaudy, art-deco piece of craftsmanship. Its lower fascia does come across gauntly and strong.
The two-tone motif plays a big role in emboldening the Halycon’s design, particularly with the red that harks back to the original Teleiótita. The V-shape present in its grille is a pleasant addition, and it plays very well with the iconic Silver-York eagle that has stood with the company since its founding.

However, we do find that the design of the Halycon comes across awkward in parts. And despite the boldness shown on the front of the car, it does lack a fair amount of glamour and taste - vital components in Silver-York’s design visions. Although the design is bold and brash, this does come across negative in ways. it takes away from the elegance that we were after, and a thing we do struggle to find is although there is Art Deco influence on the front the car itself doesn’t feel Art-Deco and struggles to flow with the tele’s design.

It lacks a sense of class and substance that we personally feel is important to the Silver-York image. As a design that pushes boundaries this really does well, it’s definitely a contemporary design that plays with the idea of the Tele more, though we personally don’t think that it hits the SY buttons.

We at SilverYork really do like this design, but from a contemporary piece, as a future concept this fits really well but our issue here is just that the design overall feels too advanced for Silver-York and misses out on incorporation of SY.

@chiefzach2018 The final, Design #9 - “Fántasma” Designed by our friends over at Zacspeed.

Immediately this design stands out, it’s one of the most contemporary designs of them all and certainly takes a more modern approach to the design.

The Fántasma rips up the conventional GT rule book, by throwing a mid-engine design into a front-engine fight. Due to the mid-engine layout of the Fántasma. Although this is an unconventional choice it massively creates a much modern and futuristic design as if recreating the tele but in a modern way.
The front of the design is very aggressive yet still looks distinctly Silver-York, especially the strong Silver-York shield that sits smack bang at the front, with tit’s verticle slats, it has a unique yet similar design that really fits with the forward proportions of the design.
Continuing into the side is a bold and again aggressive design, a huge vent engulfs the side unlike the other designs that suitable side vents due to the mid-engine design this has aggressive and harsh venting, with the uniqueness of it being two-tone. The Fántasma has a unique dual red two-tone similar to the tele, it’s a pleasant throwback to the tele and one we expected to see in other designs.
Everything within this design feels very much like a modern Silver-York hypercar and we like that, it feels modern, yet classic in its odd way. With many details relating to that of the tele and the current design language.

The major issue with this design is due to it’s edgy and performance-orientated design it takes away from the classy aspect of Silver-York and the Tele, The largest let down of this design is the rear, it feels rather bare and lacking compared to the rest of the design though certainly follows the performance orientation of the design. The mid-engine aspect of the design does make the car seem more performance than GT but it is important to remember that not only was the Tele a super-luxury GT it was a performance car of its era and was incredibly powerful and quick. Another issue with this design was the lack of obvious art-deco detailing, it certainly takes on elements of the Tele but not exactly of Art-Deco.

Overall this is an impressively unique design, it takes on a different aspect of the design, it’s also very pleasant to see an entry from Silver-Yorks age-old partner Zacspeed. The Fantasma is an aggressive modern take on the Tele, it is unique in all the right ways and its only downfall is really how dareful the design is. This will definitely be considered as the chosen design, it looks modern, bold yet still SY and still design filed.

Right so here we go the main results down, the final two to battle it out for the final design are the Teleiotita by Hongdu @yangx2 and the Fantasma by Zacspeed @chiefzach2018




So it’s come down two cars, both completely different from each other.
The approach from Honghu is a traditional, tasteful style. It oozes Art-Deco and style while remaining classy, and characterful whereas the approach from Zacspeed is one of a more contemporary approach, with aggressive shapes, powerful character and an agile presence.
And so I must rack my brain trying to decide which I feel is suitable as the face of the company, as a pure representation of Silver-York a company that’s nearly 120 years old, that’s been through highs and lows, hits and fails. A company that is so embedded in American history its own identity stands side by side with American classics.

So let’s get down to business, firstly… I’ll be honest, fuck tryna decide a winner out of these pair has been incredibly difficult, both really appeal to me on a personal level. So let’s just outlay some things about them.

Honghu: The design is rather classy, smart and honestly really well executed. Lots of wee details, it screams modern Art-Deco and really stands out as an overall design.

Zacspeed: Impressive design it stands out in a different way to Honghu’s and although doesn’t look super classy it reallty does give a sense of power and speed. It is a more contemporary approach to the usual submission feelings very modern and futuristic.

Right so decisions… i’m gonna keep this simple and straight to the point. I really have found this difficult both of you have crafted some incredibly good cars both are just so different from each other yet both hit the brief so well.
I’m gonna be quick with this … okay maybe not Well I still canny figure out.

So after thinking about this for a short while we at Silver-York have come to a decision on which design we wish to use, we will be using this design and tweaking it slightly. The design really does have a unique, with a contemporary take on what we were asking with our brief, we knew it would be difficult to hit all the aspects of this brief so to do so the two finalists did an impeccable job however there can only be one winner

The winner is @chiefzach2018 with his Zacspeed Fantasma, this design really did stand out from the crowd, And I feel although it’s not immediately art-deco it does a fantastic job of being a modern Tele it’s so different yet will still the same. The Tele was a hypercar of its era and the Fantasma is most definitely a hypercar of today, with an outlandish and chracter-filled design it still feels like an SY which is astonishing.

There we have it, folks.
@yangx2 design was most definitely the best at portraying Art-Deco it just lacked the excitement that the Fantasma gave me. So well done for making an absolutely brilliant design, we at Silver-York feel the Fantasma is the best face for the company.

Thank you for all the entries folks, and @MGR_99 a special design award for you of creating a really detailed that just felt too normie for what we wanted!
And thanks to everyone else, I enjoyed the variety received and ayee! my first challenge finally hosted