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Calavera Ltd -- 1981 Amun "psst hey kid, do you like fast cars?"


1980 Horus D634

FIberglass beauty

After a long development process, and after some minor problems, the spiritual successor of the D550 was revealed in 1980, simply called Horus, and the first available trim was simple called D634.


After finally getting the loans and right finance for the next project, the Calavera team got to work on the final details of the project. Most of it was already designed, a steel tubular chassis, similar to the previous D550 but stiffer with advance welding, with a sleek fiberglass body, designed and created in house. The only remaing part was the engine.

After some negotation and testing, a Bogliq unit was chosen. It was the Gamma M 6 engine, a reliable 3.4L V6 unit used since the mid 60s. After some minor tweeking and tuning, the rest of the team got to work and the actual production of the car. As usual, its tuning was done by former Meliora’s race/testing pilot Pedro Cazares.

At the end, the Horus made 216hp, but due to the lightness of the body (1,140kg) it could push the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.03s (putting it in the top 5 of the fastest cars in 1980) and reached 217km/h.

It came with a 5 speed manual transmission 15" alloy wheels, brake discs all around and a hand made interior (not of the best quality tho) and a 4 speaker tape player.

For extra money, Magnesium rims were an option

Price and stats

1980 Horus D634 - MSRP $19,561.45 US dlls. (back in 1980)

  • 1/4 mile: 15.19s
  • Corners: 1.07g - 1.03g
  • Automation Test Track: 2:25.50

Thanks to @HighOctaneLove for the engine!


1981 Amun C215

After the 1974 Yellow Fox ended production, Calavera introduced a new replacement, the 1981 Amun, sharing the same 215hp Bogliq tuned engine used in the Horus. Rear wheel drive, manual transmission, light and with no power steering. And quick, very quick.

History and Development

The Yellow fox sold around 800 units in its 6 years of production, and Calavera wanted to pump up those numbers with its replacement. The Amun took the same approach as his previous cars, a steel tubular chassis with a fiberglass body. Extra effords were made to keep the weight of the car low. The result was a mid engine car with 907kg of weight.

The Amun used the same engine as the Horus, and altough 216hp doesn’t sound like much, it is enough to move the car from 0 to 100km/h in less than 5 seconds, making it one of the fastest production cars in the early 80s. The car was made for specific use in the track, so it had an spartan interior and a very harsh ride and braking, so much that several owners took the car back to the dealership thinking something was wrong with the suspension and brakes.

The rear carries the design from the '74 Yellow Fox C100

0-100km/h 4.8s
Top speed 239 km/h
1/4 mile 13.39s

ATT: 2:17.45
Airfield: 1:22.68

Price and Stats
Price in 1981 US dlls

Amun C215 - $12,670.00

(ignore the activate windows watermark to the bottom right corner)

The car files for this and the Horus are in the OP if you want to download them. Please do and tell what you think :slight_smile: