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Caliban's One-Make race


Submissions are closed now.

Results will be up this afternoon.


WAIT WHAT. FUCK… missed the deadline


Nonononononono I have a car ready but came home late from work noooooooo

I was sure it was till midnight or something


The race.

Only 6 cars showed up, and one of them broke down before the race. (Sorry @Stryfe, the game wouldn’t import the car).

The McKeown Thunder dominated the race from start to finish, with a battle between the Puttzalong and the Smooth Racing around twenty seconds behind.

The OMG and the JRT didn’t stand a chance, but gave us a good spectacle nevertheless; both finished the race 4th and 5th respectively.

Thanks to everyone who took part into this race, and sorry for the dissapointment this challenge has been. I didn’t expect UE4 to still need so much refinement, and the FR-to-RR bug killed one of the cars.



Forgot to add a quality point to the safety :disappointed_relieved:

Now i will never know how my 738KW (990 HP) AWD car compared :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:

Can you please rerun the challenge for my updated version & AirJordan & Koolkei???


Sadly the current version of UE4 has a bug which breaks all the cars, so no.
Anyways, thanks @Mr.Computah for hosting the very first UE4 Challenge!


Awww, I wonder why the car wouldn’t import? It was definitely working fine in my game and I didn’t even clone your base car or engine, I just modified them and changed the names.

I had a pretty good car going there, a 1015hp AWD beast that did 1:08.76 around Airfield

  1. Top 3 finish. Woo hoo!
  2. @Mr.Computah it wasn’t a disappointing event, just low turn out. Maybe if it was going to be televised :grin:.

I actually couldn’t fit a much larger engine in, but did manage to get around 480Kw. What were you people running with (or planning if you didn’t submit)?


Mine used a turbocharged 3.2L V8 with 1015hp. Front/longitudinal layout


O wow, didn’t expect to win with that…
Anyway thanks for hosting the round @Mr.Computah!


@Mr.Computah, are you going to share the track? I like building my library.


Ascari Race Resort.zip (155.3 KB)

Here it is. It must be improved a whole lot and it is not accurate.


FTi, a sub division of FOA, would like to apologise for not fielding their entry. Problems with the development team meant that the car never left the workshop.

OOC, real life emerged and I forgot the deadline. :frowning:


Well, my car does a 182.59 around Ascari