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Caloi City Tour


So uuuh, this place is almost every time for cars, but i seen someone posting about his bicicle, and since i love mine and what it “made” for me, i decided to post it here.

So. Here comes the story: In 2017/18 i was in a very very bad time, i was like “why am i still living?”, prolly in a pre-depression and everything wasnt making any sense for me, i had not any will to do anything, so, i bought a skate for about R$50. But why? Paying for bus everytime that i needed to go everywhere was pretty hard, and i didnt know how to bike yet.

So, after a month of skating being carried by my friends with their bikes, i asked one of them: Hey, lets go to that place, i learn how to use a bike, you learn how to use a skate, and here i go, and, after 30min i was biking and it was soooooooooo incredible.

Then, i asked my parents for a bike and every answer was “no, there is no space etc etc”, and they gave me a card for that city bikes. Every time i was anxious, i came down for a station and pick a bike. And here is where the problems begun. Sometimes, there was no bikes, and when it had, it got some fucking problem like NO BRAKES. It was pretty bad when i walked down some station just wanting to relax and cant find any bike.

After all 18 living with that thing where sometimes i just came back to my house and cried, at the end of the year i received a pretty good news. Day 14 of december of 2018, i received R$5000 for being at the first place of one national test. The day after? I went to a bicycle shop and found the bike that i searched every fucking day when i was just dreaming to have one. R$1600 was the price and i was like, yeah, just gimme, even it being a used bike(problably for a year atleast, since its the 2017 model)

So, everyday i was in a bad state, i just took my bike and boom, i lost 10kg in 1 week in that thing. But, in the middle of it, there was a thing that, man. fuck fuck fuck. Day 19 of december, i went for the night and it become a pretty hard night for me, and when i came back home, i vocally fought my dad. Then, after the rest of the day just willing to die, i decided to go biking, at 10pm, the result? 6 guys tried to assault me and steal my bike, but, for the force of god(it was a pretty intense moment that i really dont know how nothing happened to me or my bike), i just took some bruises and my bike too.

Here is a pic of it and there is too much stories still, since i use it for everything of the day, even going to far places.

I had to put it on the bike rack, but she is at my home cause i took it there to give her a bath


Greetings fron the other thread of bike-owning here.

You´ve made a LOT of progress in those two months, considering you went from not being able to bike to losing 10kg!!


Oh well… the good old ordeal we both call public transport… granted, i passively pay for it through university fees, but waiting and transfering and them beiong full as FUCK around campus became annoying very quickly…

Wait… where are you from? or rather… which company is running that bike-sharing thing? I also toured around on those Bike-Sharing rides for about three weeks, but at least they were in working order (mostly… i had one with only two out of three gears working, but at least the brakes were good). Then spent 45 bucks on mine and freedom ensued.

Well… my advice here:
Get your bike registered, if possible. If it gets stolen, you can hand them the bikes number (stamped onto the frame) and they can definitly identify the bike if found.
Glad you made it out tho.

To the bike itself.

sees disc brakes
Me want!
also sees that flimsy-looking lock
You prolly should upgrade that one… especially considering people tried to steal it already…

Anyway. Hope the purchase was worth it and that the bike will serve you well for years top come!

  • Elizipeazie


It was 1 year, lel, it is from december 2018, i lost 10kg in some weeks.

I live in Brazil, and, unfortunately, its impossible to go to university by bike, since its a road and we arent allowed to drive bike on it.(it doesnt have a side-way to broken cars)

the bike-sharing thing changed its company and now its pretty better, all the bikes get fixed in less than 2 days and have a system to be blocked at the station when it is with a problem, so, i think now its way better, but at the time, every bike only worked at 1 gear, the brakes was almost not working, the seat too and other things, was fucking rad to drive one. I already drove one that had only one part of the handlebar.

and the lock: Its the most expensive at the market, its perfect for locking it at the street, it takes like 3 hours to saw it or something.

The people tried to steal it with me on it(its a “normal” thing on here). I was at a low speed and on bicycle path. A guy pulled me out of the bike and i only fall like 2 meters after, screaming, get up and run with the bike, they went just “wtf he doesnt lost his bike???”


The bike is serving well after this 1 years, i got some problem with the brakes but still doesnt needed to change it, and the seat had to be changed because it suffered from the salt air and was crooked, sadly. I used it for some trails and it worked pretty well, since it have 3-9 gears(27 at total, 19 usable)
it is all-aluminum, so, i think it will survive salt air for years, only pieces like the seat will suffer