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Calvinator Auto Corp


Fine if you want them to look as if it took you two minutes to design you cars then go ahead, but atleast stop with your excessive use of quality spam. It inflates the prices of your cars making them stupidly expensive and overall terrible. Also please stop spamming other car threads for “fastest car in 1978” or something like that.



I thought you meant extra posting. I am asking if anyone if they had any cars that could of competed with my race car cause this history seems to be set up a whole lot like D&D. Fan Made.

Oh, the Quality Spam. I am sorry if our cars were built better, but we have high quality standards at CAC. We were founded under a Quality Nazi of a corporation called Royal Motors (called Calvinator Auto as of 1985).


If by built better you mean outdated by the time it comes out. Sure.

You don’t know what Engineering Time and Production Unit do, do you?

I suggest playing the campaign to figure out what that means


You really dont get it do you…so let me phrase it in a way that makes sense.
Some Quality=Good
Quality Spam=Garbage

Why you ask? Because WHO BUYS A $260,000 Smart Car exactly?
Play the lite campaign and you will understand


It is not even released yet. The pricing is being figured out.


since when did I say that we were talking politics

Nope, not seeing anything regarding me saying POLITICS YO

You’re being so dense that even diamonds can’t cut through that dumbass head of yours and it’s really making people here wonder “why even”

  1. Can you even give us an actually decent fucking car that isn’t, you know, +15 quality on everything and -5000% on the price

  2. Stop fucking telling people to show off their car from 1971 or something like that just because you’re waving out your fucking “205 MPH stock car from 1971 that was so FAST it was banned” like as if was a dick you wished you ever had. Keep it to yourself, it’s becoming indecent exposure in automationland over here.

  3. Can you actually answer the fucking questions you were given





  • Yes
  • Very Yes
  • Definitely Yes

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This is what its like talking to you @CNCharger

Courtesy of @Vri404


I think sharing that would be Cyber Bullying!

What you all are basically doing is getting on my property and taking a dump on my nice green grass (or being Arizonan, nice Rock Lawn) and tp-ing my house all because of a really nice Gnome I made. That is what’s basically happening. If you all are angry, go build something that’s better than my stuff. Go build an OP Minivan.


Unfortunately, all of us have already.


A review from a private 3rd party just yesterday that has asked to remain anomynous. “Nothing has been as great as Calvinator over the years.” Lets not forget all the normal cars CAC does actually build that are just too normal to be showcased.


I don’t think reviewing your own cars counts towards this.


######cough payed off cough


Keemstar could do a whole show of Drama Alert with this thread


Look, I’m not trying to be a major jerkass about this, but if you want to be taken seriously about these things, you have to at least have a stable sense of mind when it comes to creating a car.

I’m not telling you to make infinity bajillion Corollas, but, sometimes, a lesser vehicle makes a company interesting every now and then.

From what I have seen, all the way from when your company started back in the 20th century, it has been nothing but just pure redundance.

so, curb the power madness and make something that many others can actually appreciate, and not 1 or two people. Think outside the box.


Thanks @Grandea. The Lauriville was built cause of the Grandea GT2000 was being submitted by drivers who wanted to race and they were besting the Model C at ATT, Calva International, Lauriville International Super Speedway, and Miaraland International Raceway (Danger zone). The Lauriville gave Calvinator the edge they needed in 1970 after 2 years of redesign. IARO had no requirements for drivers to get permission from the make to race their cars, just that the cars had to be in mass production.


Alright, time to break out the uncomfortable questions.

1 - If your cars are the fastest in certain eras, why don’t you enter a challenge and dominate it from start to finish? Respecting the rules, that is.
2 - Why do you keep avoiding other people’s questions?
3 - Why don’t you take the advice you’re given instead of going “my cars will look whatever I will want them to look like”? Making a car following the 2018 style guildelines doesn’t mean copying a real car; means creating your own design in the current style. Therefore, there’s room for creativity.