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Calvinator Auto Corp


You’re a moron.



We don’t need any of this crap. Just pack your bags, and leave.


I am Creative. I don’t care if my cars have the high detail of all the other cars. They were built to be fast and that is it.

@Vri404 this is my thread, you are telling me to leave my own thread so you guys can put up all the crap you want.


Yeah, but please answer to questions 1 and 2.


Hang on.

Did you just want the info on my car just to make up a rather anachronistic story entry?

You don’t even know the entire story of that entire car, nor did you even know that the Grandea was never released outside of Japan until 1989.

Nor did you even know that it was never officially used in motorsports until the 2nd generation, which was in the late 1970s.

I’m not exactly tolerable of these things, and if you may, don’t do such a thing again.


@CNCharger I’m not telling you to get off of your own thread.

I’m telling you to Get the fuck off of these forums, you cockwomble


I’m sorry, but your cars are not what I would call fast, fast in a straight line maybe, but when it comes to corners it just doesn’t work.


Yes what others on the thread, including me, may have been harsh. But seriously. Make a proper story that doesnt hinge on other companies in this forum. Make cars that can actually sell. And for gods sake listen to some of the criticism that other have. Believe it or not, you are not the best here, or the most experienced, or even the fastest. SO PLEASE LISTEN TO THE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM THAT PEOPLE ARE PROVIDING.

If you cant, Im sorry then, this forum is not for you.


Saying this shit is like saying “I make cars for fun” and going to a serious competition expecting to get good results at it.


Sorry everyone. I am right now had my cage rattled. Lets all just calm down. Sorry Grandea, I was just rattled earlier. I should of told you why I needed the info. @Dorifto_Dorito, there was no constructive critism provided, just crap. @AmaSlay, these cars weren’t supposed to look nice (sleepers aren’t supposed to look nice, but that is what these are).


Can you please answer to questions 1 and 2? Or are we wasting our time?


who said that your cars needed to have high detail?

For something fast, a car with almost 80% less HP than the cars you have made is able to almost outmaneuver you in a track.

also, please redact this.

thank you.


If I answer, does everyone promise to stop all of this so I can answer these questions mr.computah asked?

@Grandea, the drivers were doing it without your permission. Illegal Import without your knowledge was the reason.


So you actually think straight for once.

And how about the other questions you were given? What about them?


List them, and everyone stop posting after that so I can answer.


Cut the crap.

Just redact it.


Yes there was, because I was trying to give some. Im not saying get rid of your excessive use of quality spam for no reason. Im not trying to to be as rude and offensive as the others, but your incapability to understand what others asking you to do really irritates me.

Stuff like this:

and this

and this

and this [quote=“CNCharger, post:43, topic:19067”]
Oh, the Quality Spam. I am sorry if our cars were built better, but we have high quality standards at CAC. We were founded under a Quality Nazi of a corporation called Royal Motors (called Calvinator Auto as of 1985).

infuriates me, because it shows that you arent listening to what people have to say. Yes theres lots of shit being thrown around atm, but if you actually read the constructive stuff, you wont have such a crap time.


Your all asking for my cars to conform. My cars don’t need to conform.


If your cars don’t need to conform, then your cars don’t need to exist.


Im not asking for your cars to conform to set rules. You can be as wacky and crazy as you want to be. Just make wacky, crazy cars that people would like. Drop the quality spam, stop the childish behaviour. Just have some restraint for christ’s sake.


I still don’t understand what could possibly make anyone say stuff like you do @CNCharger