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Camera foacl lenght in phto mode all


I somehow got the focal lenght to reset it’s default value to EXTREME FISHEYE and when even i get back the slider has reset but not the value, so i can’t get it back down, i can only make it worst.

Is there a way to fix this???


In the box where the number is you can type in any value you want. Try setting to 0.


yes, i tryied that, when i did it changed almost nothing (the studio loaded up with a value of 1.something on the slider but and obvious 20+ active value) so changing the 1.something to zero actually did more like changing 20 to 18.5 when you want zero…

Although i went back to try again a minute ago just in case and even though i restarted the game a bunch of time trying to fix this before posting on here, this time when i loaded the game up the camera somehow fixed itself… (with a value of 26.6 on the slider…) so it’s still a bit weird, but as long as it works , it’s all good