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Canadian Custom Car Culture


As of late I’ve started attending many local cars shows and what always impresses me is the variety of customisation I see. I’ll be posting some of the stand out ones here.


That’s all for now, gonna space these dumps out a bit :smiley:


Open hood special:

…and no hood on this one.


Mmm, that GT86, and that “Not-a-Vega”



Time for some doubles from today’s show:

(PS: any help indentifying the last car would be appreciated. Seems to be a LHD conversion Aussie Falcon, but not sure)


That one with the 2-tone white&gray – that is an astounding '49 Ford conversion!

What the hell was that originally? Do you know? Its driving me crazy. It has a roofline like a late 1990s early 2000s BMW or Nissan but it doesn’t seem to match any of their models.


The last car is a 70s Ford Maverick 4 door sedan. Pretty rare car.


@kmBlaine That “Crestline” was an 89-97 Thunderbird and was a conversion kit much like those retro style Corvettes. Here’s the mismatched interior:

@Marcus_gt500 Thanks! It was bugging me, was thinking some kind of Australian Falcon converted to LHD and heavily customised, since that was the only one I could think of with a similar shape.


Been awhile since I posted here, but auto show season is back in full swing so it’s time to revive it. Here are a few from the first show of the season­.


It’s been a little while, so here’s an eclectic set from a small meet I went to this evening.

(Yes, this is 2JZ swapped RX8)


Couldn’t agree more - I’m sure it was nice to see an original Mini Cooper and Corvette C4, among others, mixed in with the hordes of JDM tuners on display.