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This might already have been fixed, I am still playing kee engine lite campaign of course!

Basically I’ve noticed that the demand simulation does funny things - sometimes I will have it set to 1.20:1 or more demand and still it will build overstock.

I find it can occasionally be fixed by making sure I’m selling into all the markets. But often the problem still persists.

I’m guessing it’s because of my other models cannibalising sales.

If so, is this technically a bug?

The problem appears to be that the game does not take my other models into consideration when calculating the demand for a particular model, so the demand prediction is pretending I can sell to the same customer twice, but the simulation knows I can’t.



Kee is no longer supported, any bugs found will not be fixed.


The demographics desirability calculation in the KEE LC is quite wonky, with vans doing well in light sports and two seater roadsters owning the family segments and stuff, so for Kee, I would recommend restricting myself to very few, far apart models. This is, afaik, being thoroughly overhauled for the LC v3, with a car building AI vs. the static, and therefore quite limited, “catalogue” of competing car models (which is the main reason for the wonkiness, if I understand things correctly).


At any point in lite campaign, I could only have 5 models at a time, and they would have to be in distinctly different markets.