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Cannot access some rim styles with rim mods enabled (UNFIXABLE)


I don’t know if this problem was already a known bug, but if you subscribe to any of the extra rim mods on the Workshop, you lose the ability to access some other rims.

For example, I am subscribed right now to six mods that add new rim styles into the game, and I cannot access the steely rim if I select another. And, if I subscribe to all of them, I can’t access these:
You also are unable to use the scroll bar, as it appears to do nothing.

So, is there any workaround to this or is it an unfix-able quirk that’ll be nonexistent in the Unreal version?


It’s an un-fixable quirk, as there is never meant to be more than one page of wheels.

So, don’t expect a fix until unreal.


Alright, then.


Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I have the same problem and a thought on a workaround. Would it be possible to manually kick some of the vanilla rims out of the selection to fit the ones you actually use on one page? F.ex. I never use the muscle1 an MX wheels. I’ve tried deleting them in the game folder, but they showed up in the game anyway.

Would anyone know a way to actually kick undesired rims out of the selection?