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Can't export solved [Avast "locked" Automation folder]


Today I tried to export my CSR47 car and I get the following message.

But there is nothing in the Export folder.

I get the same issues with any other exports. :frowning:

I’ve verified the game cache.

Suggestions/ideas/miracles welcome!

Edit: Turns out that Avast had decided to “protect” the Automation folder. Added an exception and it’s looking good again.

Unfortunately this means that I’ll be able to build and enter shit cars for challenges and then get upset when I don’t win. :laughing:


Could be an issue with your steam name, and icons that can’t be used in file names. I had a similar issue, and that was what caused it.


I’ve had that happen when trying to overwrite an export file that was uploaded. Browser would block it from being edited. Might be a similar kind of Windows error?


When you first get into the launcher, maybe try going into options and hit browse to change your save directory, then renavigate to your current one?


No unusual characters in my username. And not had problems before.

The car I first tried to export was my CSR47 entry. I’ve since tried with my old CSR cars, cars I haven’t submitted and just done a Model 1 - Trim 1- Family 1 - Variant 1 car. All are the same.

I tested the save location last night.

I’ll try reinstalling and see if that solves the issue.



Yeah, yeah, double posting bad…bad TR8R!

Reinstalled the game and deleted the old Automation folder, where everything is saved.

Created a new car by selecting the top options.

Got the same error when I tried to export.

As I mentioned previously, nothing has changed from my perspective.