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Can't find my .car files


Hi Guys,

First of all great game, getting better and more detailed all the time.

I’m having an issue exporting car files from the game, I just can’t find them on my computer at all. I’ve followed the file path and it goes to a dead end. Does anyone know where they actually go?

Thanks in advance guys, I’m trying to save my first car from the LC so I don’t loose the car if the campaign goes badly, and I might start sharing on here as my designs are sorta good enough now!


Documents/My Games/Automation/CarSaveExport

Remember to export your cars first!


Thanks, I had found this before but it was empty, I just tried again when I was in the folder and it worked, not sure why, it should be full of files the number of times I’ve tried it!


Maybe not working after all, it saved the final trim but when I go back to the others it won’t save them at all. The file path it shows me is a different one to the folder it’s saving in and leads to a dead end somewhere in the bowels of my computer.