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Can't select region for buying lot


(LCV3) Everytime I try to buy a new plot I can’t, because when I try to select the region in the map it just blinks for a sec and doesn’t select it, happens everytime tho


Could you send us your game log after that happens so that we can see if there are any errors that are causing this?
Have you tried to verify your game files?


Sorry Killrob, I already solved the problem, my bad for taking you time
I just restarted it and it worked just fine again


big thonk




Restarted the game, or steam?


The game


I’m suffering from this bug too. Except Restarting it, the game, steam, computer, whatever, doesn’t fix it


Which version are you playing? Has it worked before?


The latest, in either Beta of LC3 test. I think the latter doesn’t exist anymore right? So the former.
Yes. I didn’t even stop playing. It was in one single play session where it suddenly broke