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Car Company Directory


Name of Car Company: Kitanishi Automobiles
Owner of Company: @Ne0
Forum Thread: S00N
Established: 1932
Company ID: 1932323


Name: Harada
Owner: @asami
Thread: Harada Motor Corporation | Harada-Auto, Harada-Powersport, Harada-Aircraft, Ditana, Ravian |
Established: 1956
Company ID: 1956722


Name: SPAF
Owner: @david59635
Thread:SPAF Société de Production d’Automobiles Françaises
Established: 1960
Company ID: 1960823


Name: Weeding Engineering.
Thread: Weeding Engineering
Established: 2015 (I think; back when it was just an engine designer demo) 2018 in the forums here
Company ID: 2015102


Car Company Name: Pajaro Motor Corporation
Owner: @CorsicaUnknown
Forum Thread: Pajaro Motor Corporation
Created: 1957
Company ID: #1957999


Name of Car Company: SeJeong Motor Company
Owner of Company: Tsurugihayate
Website of Forum: SeJeong Motor Company
Established: Late 2019
Company ID: 2019128

“Speed is a right”


Car Company Name: Avata Moottori
Owner of Company: @CC9020
Established: 1941
Company ID: 1941924


Car Company Name: Ursula AG
Owner: @F12OM
Forum Thread: Ursula AG - Passion for Perfection
Thread Created: 2018
Established: 1954
CompanyID: 1954303


Car Company Name: Sadowtski Automobiliai
Owner: @SKT666 (Rattusrattus04 on Steam)
Forum Thread: To find it, please search Sadowtski Automobiliai.
Thread Created: Today from when this post was made.
Established: October 1932(as a Repair Shop), April 1963(as own company)
Closed: March 19, 1962(as repair shop)
Company ID: 1932111


Car Company Name: Hakone Motorworks
Owner: @CC9020
Forum Thread:
Established: 1990
Company ID: 1990684


Name of Car Company: Archansky Motorny Zavod
Owner of company: Mike85
Website or Forum thread: none yet
Established: 1948
Company ID: #1948711


Name of Car Company: Kuma Motors
Owner of company: @Xepy
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1950
Company ID:1950555


Valya Group
Owner of Company: @CC9020
Thread: TBA
Established: 1947
Company ID: 1947309


Name of Car Company: Rhisuki Motors
Owner of company: Repti
Thread: Rhiuki Motors
Established: 1959
Company ID:1959320


Name of Car Company: Ijekour Motors
Owner of Company: @jvs1rox
Thread: #sharing:car-design-sharing-forum:ijekour-motors-corporation
Established: 1947
Company ID: 1947183


Name of car company: NvR Motors
Owner of company: DutchCars1999
Thread: NvR Motors
Established: 1952
Company ID: 1952595


Name of car company: Axuma Automotive
Owner of company: On3CherryShake
Thread: none yet
Established: 2018
Company ID: 2018063


Name of car company: Tanaka Heavy Industries
Owner of company: Aaron.W
Thread: Tanaka Heavy Industries
Established: 1962
Company ID: 1962774


Name of car company: Arion Automotive & Racing Co
Owner of company: @Aruna
Arion Automotive
Arion Automotive & Racing Co (OLD)
Established: :uk: 1930
Company ID: 1930013


Car Company Name: Martin-Wagner Auto GmbH
Owner: @F12OM
Forum Thread: Not yet ATM
Thread Created: 2019
Established: 1960
CompanyID: 1960382