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Car Company Directory


Name of Car Company: Vinter Auto Company
Owner of Company: Bullko
Website or Forum Thread: None
Established: 1932
Company ID: 1932127


Name of Car Company: Equestria Automotive
Owner of Company: Samantha Connor (Username: Equestria Automotive)
Website or Forum Thread: Coming Soon.
Established: 2012
Company ID: #2012337


Name of Car Company: Midgård Cars.
Owner of company: YugoSpy.
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5373
Established: Year 1950.
Company ID: 1950137.


Name of Car Company: MP Automotive B.V.
Owner of company: Maurice82
Website or Forum thread: n/a
Established: Year 2013
Company ID: 2013082


Name of Car Company: Thomas Motors
Owner of company: accent
Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3105
Established: 1952
Company ID: 1952523


Name of Car Company: Foley Motor Company (F.M.C.)
Owner of company: Drummerdude48
Website or Forum thread: None
Established: October 1946
Company ID: 1946048


Name of Car Company: Merrick Automotive
Owner of company: Maxpayne3000
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3156
Established: Winter 1941
Company ID: 1941511


Name of Car Company: Titan
Owner of Company: Me
Website or Forum Thread: None
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946687


Company Name: DEM Motor Company Ltd.

Company Owner: Headache Engineering

Company Motto: The Company that Makes Sense !

Company ID: #2000313


Name of Car Company: G&H Vehicles
Owner of company: SamSheepDoq
Website or Forum thread: View
Established: December 7th, 1940
Company ID: #1940258

Name of Engine Company: G&H Engines
Owner of company: SamSheepDoq
Website or Forum thread: View
Established: December 7th, 1940
Company ID: #1940257


Name of Car Company: Choctaw Motor Cars
Owner of company: JessAveryJA
Website or Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3219
Established: Friday, December 06, 2013
Company ID: 2013666


Owner: Hshbrowns
Established:December 1,2012
Company ID:2013798


Car Company: Falcon MotorSports
Owner: Kubastach
Website or forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3193
Established November 14, 2000
Company id: 2013431


Northern Star Motor Company
CEO Adam Koecke
13th of December


Name of Car Company: Wrexham Cars Ltd
Owner of company: SirStonelouse, Founded by: Sir Arthur James
Website or Forum thread: automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3243
Established: 1911
Company ID: 1911337



Name of Car Company: Phoenix Motor Company
Owner: nissanman
Established: 1998
Company ID: 1998327


Name of Car Company: Gamspeed Automotive.
Owner: Joint Directorship of PaulG & Lowleveldevil
Established: 1978
Company ID: 1978984


Name of Car Company: Core Automotive
Owner: jhd1124
Website: coreautomotives.wix.com/cars
Established: November, 1947 July 31, 2013 (In-Game)
Company ID: 1947731


Name of Car Company: Halfix Ltd.
Owner of company: willempjuh2000
Website or Forum thread: halfixcorporation.wix.com/halfix-ltd
Established: 24 December 1946
Company ID: 1946526


Name of Car Company: SB Motors - The Sykesville Brothers Motor Company
Owner: MrMarquis
Forum Thread: To Be Announced
Established: March 2, 1989
Company ID: 1989302