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Car Company Directory


Name of Car Company: Jelenia Motors

Owner of company: Mark_Unread

Thread/Website: Coming Soon

Estabilished: 1908/06/27

Company ID: 1908627


Car Company name: Fujita motor company

Owner of company: @Mad_Cat

Website or forum thread: Not yet

Established: 4/6/1954

Company ID: 1954789

Car Company name: Pripyat avtomobilnyi zavod (PAZ)

Owner of company: @Mad_Cat

Website or forum thread: Not yet

Established: 3/5/1938

Company ID: 1938967


Car Company Name: Innovation Automotive
Owner: @Rise_Comics
Website or forum thread: Innovation Automotive
Established: 2/12/1981
ID: 1981404


Name of Car Company: Cicero (Sprl)
Owner of company: @Private_Miros
Website or Forum thread: CICERO - Cars for the New Man - An Italian Brand - Personalised BeamNG cars available
Established: 1931 (as Compagnia Carrozzeria Orlando, CCO)
Company ID: #1931328


Name of Car Company : Vector Motors
Owner of company: @GetWrekt01
Website or Forum Thread: Not yet
Established: 1970
Company ID: #1970086


Name of Car Company: Taube
Owner of company: Mikonp7
Website or Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1960
Company ID: #1960999


Name of Car Company: Zephorus Unqiue Automotive
Owner of company: Riley Phillips
Website or Forum thread: Zephorus Unique Automotive
Established: 1910
Company ID: 1910420


Name of Car Company: Some Automobile
Owner of company: Raditya Prasetyo (@toyotakijanginnova2009 on discord)
Website or Forum thread: hmm i havent make one post ill do it now
Established: 1960
Company ID: 196055902 reply to me if you used the id first


Name of Car Company: TreadKillers Tuning House
Owner of company: Mikonp7
Website or Forum thread: TreadKillers Tuning House
Established: 2017
Company ID: #2017998


Name of Car Company: Reduit Automotive
Owner of company: Kobacrashi
Website or Forum thread: Reduit Automotive
Established: 1969
Company ID: 1969278


Name of Car Company: Yuro Motor Company Ltd.
Owner of company: @variationofvariables
Website or Forum thread: Yuro Motor Company
Established: 1967
Company ID: 1967113


Name of Car Company: Suisei AMW
Owner of Company: @Falling_Comet
Website/Forum thread: N/A
Established: 1940
Company ID: 197577723

Name of Car Company: AC Ryuko (partner company)
Owner of Company @Falling_Comet
Website/Forum thread: TBA
Established: 1900
Company ID: 196977722


Name of Company: Dragus Motor Group AG
Name of brands: Dragus, DRAGus, Malachite
Internet: IG @dragus_motor_group
Established: 20th of April 1940
Company owns:
-Dragus AG
-Malachite B.V.
Company ID: 1940248


Name of Car Company: Zayder Motor Corporation
Owner of company: Obelisk
Website or Forum thread: Zayder Motor Corporation
Established: 1946
Company ID: #1946153


Car Company: The Earl Motor Company
Owner: patridam
Website or forum thread: The Earl Motor Company
Established: July 7th 2019
Company ID: 2019555


Name of Company: Schrafen Neubran Auto Union (SNAU)
Owner: MGR_99
Established: 1990
Company ID: 1990 099

Some backstory
In 1990, the two German brands Neubran and Schrafen created the SNAU. An Auto Union of two large German brands (and 15% of Rosker), for the benefit of shared parts and lowered production costs.


Company Name: Ripper Automotive Int.
Owner Name: Justin Shead CEO
Website: RipperAuto.com
Established: 2019 August
Company ID: #2019777


Name of Car Company: Chevalier Motors
Owner of company: Kunra Al-Din
Website or Forum thread: Work in Progress
Established: 2nd August 2010
Company ID: 2010230


Company Name: Ryven Motor Company
Owner: RoverKnight
Forum Thread: Not yet established
Established: 1957
Company ID: 1957527


Name of car company: Adonijin Motors
Owner of company: @Aruna & @Obelisk (Joint ownership)
Thread: Adonijin Motors
Established: :kr: 1960
Company ID: 1960800