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(Car Design Competition) The safe pony you can actually drive (FINAL RESULTS ARE IN)


Sorry, I’m keeping it at 70 since most seem to be able to go with it and I really want to keep this going as Pony and not Muscle.


I agree, been on it for 1h and I’m around 70% and 200 score…


Here is the Mongoose GT. It features a 4.4 liter OHC V8 making 190hp and 251 pound feet of torque, a four speed manual transmission, and four wheel disc brakes.


Only mod I’m using is the first modular headlight mod (oddly enough, some of it not even for headlights). Is that going to be ok? I’m working on stable, if that makes a difference.

It doesn’t have nearly the market score some of you guys have, but hopefully the suspension is pretty well sorted out…


Detail Pics


Even though there are still 4 days to the submission deadline, the first submission is officially in. The Mongoose GT by Maverick74.

I’ll add the list of submissions to the first page of this thread.


The Winthorpe Typhoon

Developed By Trident and designed to be a competitor in the Gasmean Pony car market, The Graceful and refined looking Typhoon would also be known in other markets (with a different engine and suspension design) as the Trident Tempest. This Coupe had the relatively wellknown Trident GoldStar V8 driving the rear wheels through a decidedly odd close ratio 4 speed gearbox and had all wheel disc breaks, wire wheels and all-independant suspension. The engine would develop 195BHP and 228 lb/ft of torque and could get to a top speed of 143 mph.


As an aspiring car designer I want to introduce you to my first project called HUSAR 230
This car is equipped with V8 5.0L engine producing 227HP and 360Nm of torque and 4 speed manual tansmission.


Winthrope Super 6 '68


I’m getting quite some nice submissions, 5 have been approved so far.

It seems V8’s between 4 and 5 liters are the most common entry until now.


Here’s the prototype of the Franklin Bandit. Once built, Franklin decided not to get into making Pony or Muscle cars so the IP is up for sale.


Presenting the '68 Winthorpe Meteor XT.

Highlights include a 4.6 liter V8 making 210 Horsepower, 4 on the floor and discs on all corners.


1968 Winthorpe Whaler 333DB

James Mardon, 16 years old and ready for adventure, didn’t listen to his Dad when he was being driven into his first day of work at the local Bogliq car factory. James was too excited; he’d won the competition and he was to start working as an Intern Designer at the Bogliq by Design Centre attached to the local facilities.

His dad worked for Ardent as a manager for engine supply; he worked hard but there was little prospect for decent contracts in a town dominated by the big blue “B”.

James clocked in, reported to work and was told to “keep your eyes open and your mouth shut!”. He had a lot of absorbing to do and he did it willingly; his pay was great and everyone was friendly and helpful.

After a few days, James became aware that there was a project that was having trouble. Bogliq by Design had an advanced Ponycar Concept that needed an engine and a designer. James tried to listen quietly but he just couldn’t hold it in… “Buy engines from Ardent! They need to ship a bunch of V8’s soon or else my Dad will lose his job!”.

Needless to say, Jame’s outburst caused consternation. He was way outta line and he’d uttered the forbidden name! Silence reigned. Then the project manager turned to James but spoke to the room. "The kid’s got a point. We can’t supply the engines but Ardent can. Winthorpe needs a Ponycar or else they’ll lose critical sales mass and fold within a decade. It’s time to bury this feud and make everyone lots of money!

James was then invited to help the design team, since the lead designer had failed to show up for work, so he spent the next week finalising the Winthorpe proposal…

1968 Winthorpe Whaler 333DB

A classy Pony, ready to ride, free as the wind, with power to take on anything thrown its way…

thanks to the 333 cubic inch Ardent Toledo V8!

Now all James needed was for Walter Winthorpe to select the BbD proposal and save his Dad’s job…



The Winthorpe Krait…
It’s 1:30 AM so this is your ad. It’s kinda fast though.


SMC has decided to take up Mr Winthorpe up on his offer to design and build the prototype for his son Anton. The car may not be the top model like everyone elses but here at SMC we only build a hand full of cars a year. this prototype may not be the winning model but it gets our name out there we aren’t used to building production models so we did our best. ( i failed Some critera but im still learning and its hard to squeeze the rest of the stats up) But with that said we did do what we do best making a high performance / race model.

Today we intoduce the Kangarat and the Kangarat Racer.
the Kangarat uses a NA I6 where as the Kangarat Racer uses a Standard V8 we use for most of performance cars.

(left Is A Perfomance car i have made but thats not important, Right is The Kangarat the potential new Winthorpe Pony Car)

(Front Of the Kangarat)

(Left is the Kangarat Racer, Right is base model Kangarat)


Harsh orientation days at Bogliq!!! :rofl:


Ah yes… My cheap, slow responding, keyboard strikes again, hahaha!!!

That typo is now fixed. :wink:


10 entries so far(2 needing work to be valid). Still 2 days to deadline.


Mine isnt one of the ones needing resubmission is it?


Doesn’t look like it. There’s a list near the top of the page with updated submission info.


yep, I update the first post with the participants list whenever I get a submission