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(Car Design Competition) The safe pony you can actually drive (FINAL RESULTS ARE IN)


Perfectly average! I’m fine with that result. Thanks for hosting this competition dude!


Ho. Lee. Fark. That is a close one! Proud to have had a hand in the winning car (the engine is an Ardent design with carburetor modifications). Great job to all, and good, interesting competition, pcmoreno!


Thankyou @pcmoreno for this fun and entertaining competition. It was structured well, judged well and attracted a lot of excellent competitors; the last being a sign you’ve formatted your ruleset well, hahaha!!! I will definitely enter any competition you choose to run in the future.

Thankyou @VicVictory for supplying the strong foundation of this project. His engines and tuning (especially of this era) matches the real life setups of American Iron well, which makes for an authentic driving experience and period correct soundtrack! You need help with the technical side of Automation? PM VicVictory and he’ll do his best to help you out. There’s a reason I enter all his competitions; he’s tough but fair and he makes it just as fun to participate as it is to win.

Love ya Vic!!! :nerd_face::crazy_face::sunglasses:

Thankyou @Marcus_gt500 for helping me lift my designer game, ensuring that the Whaler would at least look good. My original vision was that @patridam would design the car (he’s brilliant at period correct USDM designs) but he wasn’t available. So I did my best attempt and, thankfully, the Whaler looks handsome as well as period correct. The effort I took to make the Whaler look good has inspired me to, eventually, redo my lore cars with superior aesthetics; it really lifts the spirit knowing your car actually looks like it could’ve existed, hahaha!!!

Want to learn to design cars? Then check out Marcus’s threads; lots of design inspiration and he’s also really helpful if you are willing to shoot him a PM, hahaha!!!

A father is saved by his son...

The story so far…

James was kept busy at Bogliq by Design, learning the ropes, so he never found out if his dad’s job was saved or not. The details of the Whaler project were far from his mind as he watched the designers pen the sketches of the first generation Ungoliant; Bogliq’s first supercar!

Time passed.

April 1999

April 1999

James had risen from strength to strength in Bogliq USA, he was now a top tier manager and knew how to make a car company hum with efficiency. But, on this early April morning, two events came together to derail his neatly laid out plans… His dad had suddenly died and Ardent recruiters were waving fat sums in his face to go work for them.

James had resolved to stay where he was, but he’d just found a note from his dad inside the immaculate 1969 Winthorpe Whaler that James had inherited from his father’s will…

James took the Ardent guys up on their offer; James knew just how important to his dad it was for James to follow in his fathers footsteps. James hoped his dad would, somehow, know just how much James missed him and would be pleased with his son’s decision to finally work for Ardent…

October 2004

October 2004

James stood down from the podium, pushed past the agitated knot of reporters and got into his beloved Whaler. It started up first time, as always, and he left the onlookers a set of loud, smokey “11’s” out the front of the Ardent HQ.

It was time to go home, look after his mom, wife and kids. In particular, his son needed a stay at home dad, he had something called “Autism”, so James was gonna do what his dad would have done; be by his boy’s side so his son would have the chance to thrive…

James felt the tears run down his cheeks.

“I love you, Dad”



This was my first challenge so I think I messed something up regarding the rules but it was a lot of fun and I was glad to have participated. Thank you for having me!


by the way, for those who have not noticed it yet, there is already a sequel for this one…

Also, would you guys be interested in an informal multiplayer race(on beamMP) with the your pony’s?


Congratulations on the win with the Whaler, again my apologies that I wasn’t able to help. It turned out quite good looking nonetheless. If the idea for collaboration strikes you again I will try to be better available.


Some racing would be cool, but damn those cars are tricky to handle


yes, it would be hilarious. Especially if everyone would use a simple gamepad or keyboard.


If I had to choose between gamepad or keyboard, I would rather choose my wheel :laughing:
Other options are just pure masochism