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Car Design Sub-Forum rules - READ BEFORE POSTING

  1. Try to keep all your designs in one thread. One-off “Hey, post your sedan designs here!” thread are fine, but please don’t make a new thread for each car model you make.
    -Try creating a Car Company or [your name] designs thread for all of your designs

  2. Constructive criticism is alright, but be respectful, don’t go “gahh i hate ur desingns they so ugl”. We’re trying to promote a friendly and awesome community here.

  3. Have fun creating awesome and creative designs!

Thanks for reading the rules! Have anything you want amended or added? Tell us!


2020 Pontiac SJ8

I want this to be friendly. :slight_smile:
your post makes complete sense but surely its up to the devs to make rules around here,
you have 16 posts to your name.
I do agree with you though that good order must be kept but don’t go dishing rules out man its not your call.

best regards


He’s actually a forum moderator, it’s just for some reason not clear that he is, I think the user colour changes might have broken for moderators…

Edit: Yay, fixed the colours, Global Moderators are Blue!


ah ok daffy. :slight_smile:
that’s fine and I didn’t want it to come across as a negative reaction because I agree with what he said. I just thought he was making rules up willy nilly.
which won’t go down well with everybody even if it makes sense. :slight_smile:


Hah, no worries dude, I’d have been confused too, considering there was nothing to denote he was anything other than a user :slight_smile:


Well, I was messaging whoever was talking to me though Facebook, (Caswal/Daffy?) And we were discussing changing the Username colors to a less intensive hue, but yeah, the Mod colors were a bit too similar to the normal user colors I think.

Sorry for the mix up!


Yepp, that was me changing the user colors, and global mods were actually more white than the now gray standard users. That difference was obviously too subtle to notice :slight_smile: Works the way it is now. I changed it because the global mod green was like needles in the eyes on a black/red board :stuck_out_tongue:


Huh, didn’t know I was talking to the master…I think you guys should start signing your names at the end of your messages XD.


no worries guys, glad it’s all sorted. :slight_smile:
@ UltimateBMWfan sorry dude with the color mix up I didn’t realise you are a forum moderator.


Don’t worry mate, I would have done the same thing. We take a bit to get to know every new change going throughout the forum :wink:


What if my car company’s name is a pretty common word or it was already used tons of times IRL?


Try to make it a little different, as in not ripping off names completely. i.e. Ford, BMW, Lamborghini.

Things like Phord, BMC, Sheeporghini (geddit? lamb, sheep? ;D) Are fine though.


You could also go for Parkerghini.


Every time I get on this forum, I grow to love this community more and more (granted I’m knew and don’t know most of you). The Devs are VERY nice compared to a lot of other games, the people (we should get more, yes?) are awesome and respectful, and the game is all-around brilliant! (not my usual choice of words, but hey, it deserves a good complement). These rules make perfect sense to me and I’ll follow them no problem. Happy posting! :slight_smile:


I agree, Sam. Sure, Automation is a small community and hasn’t been widely discovered yet, but I think the Dev’s are much closer and much more open to the general user than other forums. Due to that, I think the community here doesn’t have many rude people. If people are friendly and outreaching, you can’t ignore them.


i thought daimond. then remove a letter daimon




Shame the same can’t be said about the RoR Forums!


How do i upload photos in BULK to the automation car sharing forum ???


Use a photo sharing site like photo bucket, it helps reduce the load on the servers and also allows you to easily upload images without the scrolling bars and such.