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Car Design Sub-Forum rules - READ BEFORE POSTING


Are you allowed to have more than one company, thus more than one forum post per company?


well i currently have 2 companies (volta and galt automotive) along with the open source thread, so i’d say yeah


And some of us have a whole range of companies, and others several sub-brands within an umbrella corporation. That’s also reasonable.

Just try to keep your posts and threads organised. It’s not super strict as long as you’re not, like, making a million threads without actually building any of them up in a substantial fashion.


I was wondering something and I’m not quite sure where else to ask so I’ll just put it here.

When creating a company are there any rules/guidelines regards if the company is supposed to be ‘canon’ with the rest and fit in the real world? Is it preferable to make cars from a real life nation, or can we use a fictional nation? If so should we keep even fictional nations to the real world or would moving into a fictional world be too much of an extra leap?

Personally, I can work with any of the options. But I’d like my brands to mesh well for challenges and cohesion with other members.


No, no real rulebook to talk of. You just pick your style and roll with it. Some wish to implement real world, some fantasy. I found it best to combine real world cars for reference points as in competition and working crossovers with companies on the forum for co-development of certain models.

In any case - just have fun