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Car Designer Quality of Life suggestions


I realize the majority of effort is being put into the campaign however I didn’t see these anywhere else so I feel they should be mentioned.

  • Additional paint slots for fixtures (not part of the body)
    2-3 additional paint slots slots would help when adding trim that would be a separate color that’s not found anywhere else on the body.

  • Additional Layers
    Not sure if it was a memory management or some other reason but I’m finding limitations with only 4 layers.

  • X-Y-Z- Fixture Scaling
    I’ve noticed some fixtures have locked scaling for the X & Y axis (mirrors, exhaust, and some bumpers). Any reason why they me locked? (which would allow to create instance create oval exhaust tips).
    Is it possible to create a Z (depth) scaling? Like for instance can adjust how aggressive (or subtle) bonnets, bumpers, and head/tail lights can be.


The Layer system is done through Alpha Channels, so 4 layers is the maximum possible number sadly


I believe the additional paint slots were being tested but I’m not sure if they’re a work in progress or haven’t worked out.

X-Y-Z scaling was tested but did not work properly (fixtures sank into bodies or popped out of it).The way fixtures are now, regular ones scales X-Y, while some like mirrors scale uniformly on X-Y-Z to avoid distortion. As those fixtures stick out ofthe body, that scaling prevents the distortion of scaling on only two axes while the sinking/popping out isn’t an issue with these.

Fixture depth