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Car photoshops


Nice. Has better proportions than any factory Corvair coupe. And my guess that it’s some 'shopped coupe was right! :slight_smile:


Range Rover Velar Re-proportioned


Kia Niro Re-proportioned

Wagon-izing SUVs is fun!


The Niro looks like it could be a legit wagon just as that, the world really does need note wagons.

Wagons and bubble cars need to be the tredn after our edgy crossovers


If only they actually were edgy, the last thing keeping any of these cars looking remotely like SUVs was the plastic cladding they had but now the Audi Q7 looks just like an MPV and the BMW x2 looks just like a regular hatchback


Nice! I Don’t have the Art Skills for this Myself, So I was wondering if anyone thought of Mixing the AE86 with the GT86?


Renault Clio Re-proportioned


Honda Insight Re-proportioned

credit to virtualmodels for the original


Citroen CX Re-proportioned

It’s interesting how just moving the rear wheel slightly makes such a big difference!


It looks so normal it might not be French!


Volkswagen XL2

I picture this as an all-electric Tesla fighter


Does it have a waiting list longer than the time it takes for a focus to get a facelift?


Anyone wanna have a crack at seeing what the i3 would look like without the weird notch on the rear door?


Haha, that was easy. The great Theophilus Chin already did it :smiley:

This also looks pretty cool:


^ If only. Sidenote tho I’m happy that BMW also offers colour combos that don’t have the blue accents because some people want electric cars without screaming LOOK AT ME IM ECOLOGICAL


Tell that to Toyota with the blue halo around the Toyota emblem on all their hybrid models.


Hey, I actually like the idea with colour-coded badges. And that blue for hybrids is subtle enough to be ok IMO. It is noticeable if you look at the badge, but it all looks like a normal Toyota in the end. And buying a Toyota and trying to not look hybrid/ecological/whatever like that are just two opposite things for me. Except for the GT86, why would a Toyota owner care about other people knowing that their car is hybrid? It’s a boring A to B transport box in the end.


You know shit’s serious when you see one of these:


Nah, that’s just the beginning :wink: THIS is getting serious:


nah fam, this one you can get for like half a buck on Aliexpress and put it on a 1.6D N/A mk2 Golf xD