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Car photoshops


You’ve turned it into a crossover with sliding doors. Strange.


Just realized that I never posted this formally.

I saw @Rk38’s AAU M2087 and was stunned by how awesome and 80’s it looked. I asked for the car, and this was the result.


Funnily enough, I was inspired by a morph I made from your minivan mod :wink:


I did design it to be morphable into a crossover, so that makes sense.


Looks good, but not sure if I trust the placement of the fuel filler door .


Nice S14 Kouki😂


Hyundai Ioniq Re-proportioned


Please refer to this post


Honda Shuttle Re-proportioned

It’s almost identical in every dimension to the Kia Niro. Would make a great competitor in my opinion!


Wasn’t really sure where to put this so I thought I’d just leave it here.

This is my first attempt to create a semi-photorealistic scene from only in-game screenshots. I used an HDR-style approach by taking multiple screenshots with varying lighting settings and post-processing effects, and blending the layers together. Let me know what you think!


BMW 8-series Re-proportioned





Could you also lower the waistline on it? The line from the hood to the bottom of the windows to the trunk looks too high compared to the height of the roof.


The top picture suggests a liftback grand tourer. The bottom one reminds me of a compact coupe the size of a BRZ.


Your wish is my command!


Here are some of mine. Based on my real car, a 1980 VW Brasilia


Seat León FR reimagined as a sedan.

My first PS of this kind so probably not a great thing, but here it is nevertheless :smiley:


kinda has Ute proportions, but a decent first go. far better than anything i could do lol


I’m jealous of you Europeans. You get Peugeot, Škoda and SEAT. That thing looks great as a sedan, but the back end is a little long :wink: maybe a fastback would work better?