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Car photoshops


I’ll forgive you for the double post simply because it would have unlocked some of the RX-8’s hidden potential. That, and the option of a turbocharged engine for more badly needed thrust. It’s a shame neither of these possibilities eventuated in real life, though.


Does it count as a double post if there is a week between them in which nobody else was active in this thread?


Pretty mundane and low skill but I thought what would the Chevrolet Cruze look like without the double grill

Original for comparison:


Citroen GS Re-proportioned

What I imagine a Toyota Prius would look like in the 1970s


Made a 4 door version of the New Edge Mustang


A 90s 'Murican sedan that looks cool. That’s no small feat.


That’s called V40 :stuck_out_tongue:


The V40 is a blob tho. Plus suicide doors are cool :sunglasses:

But yeah after consideration the edit looked like garbage with the handle and without the handle it was just a few extra lines edited in so whats the point


Pulled the Ol’ Switcharoo on Randy and Mr Layhe with my most recent creation, the 2nd generation Fenton ZL, specifically a 1975 model. I am honestly a little disturbed at how well this works.


Here’s a pretty sweet re-imagining of the new Supra:

Notice the subtle changes to the proportion: the vehicle is longer, lower, and wider. There is visibly less ground clearance and wheel gap. The design changes on the rear do a good job of creating smooth horizontal lines, emphasizing the width of the car. The overall result is that the vehicle looks less upright and more similar to the FT-1 concept.

But yeah, also wings are cool.


I never thought the A90 Supra could be made even more muscular than it already is - but someone (not you, though) just did, with some retro styling elements added for good measure!


I can see those lights and that wing as an aftermarket kit from here. I mean, I like the A90 in it’s normal form, but that’s not a bad redoing.


Not my photoshop btw, it’s by @romanmiah on Instagram


He redid the front too!


I like what he did with the rear but I’m not so sure about the front.


A quick one. What if the 90s Quattroporte had a wagon version?



Although, wouldn’t that then be a Cinqueporte?


Cinqueporte… I love it


The new Polestar 2 but less crossover-y


My take on the Mercedes CLA