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Car photoshops


Hudson Hornet Re-proportioned

I think it’s interesting how the slimmer hood and forwards rake give a 70s feel to a 40s/50s car!


Remove/reduce the ventilation window and it will look even more modern.


Saab Sonett Re-proportioned

Basically what I think the perfect 1960s muscle car would look like. Approximately the same size as a '65 Mustang before it got bloated. Weight around 1300kg and a drag coefficient around 0.35 gives it far superior performance to contemporary muscle cars. Still fits a sizeable engine and a decent second row of seats.


It’s exactly what the Sonnett III deserved but never got - it was only ever fitted with nothing more powerful than anemic four-cylinder engines throughout its lifespan.


My attempt at turning the Aston Martin Lagonda into a fastback


OMG YES. I always felt the Lagonda looked a little boring with its ridiculously sharp, square-edged profile. The curves here look sleek and sexy, definitely a much better family resemblance to the coupes!



The facelifted Lexus RC and RCF minus some grill


Both of them definitely look better with a smaller grille - neither would look or feel as purposeful otherwise.


That new mid-engine Corvette looks good…wait a minute


Hang on just a fucking minute


i dont get it




Tbh the front looks like the pininfarina battista