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Car photoshops


This is how we decide “should we try this or not”, all of these are of low quality botch jobs, since we only need a rough estimate


last one’s not too bad somehow :joy:


Screw your Bmw’s and mercedes, here is a piece of PURE engineering. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is it behind that honda?


I think VolkSWAGen has really gone UP in the world!

Sorry for bad pun.



Was going to make a new thread, then I found this one!

So this is my first attempt to photoshop a new body style onto an existing car. Well, I’m not good enough to match colors and lighting and camera angles, but I can handle some basic line drawings. So I decided to try to create my dream car… Miata liftback!!


That actually looks really good! Is the back from a honda cr-z?


Yep! The CR-Z looks so much better with RWD proportions :smiley:


I’m so confused lol

Doesn’t matter, moar liftback!!


It sort of began as a “Front of a Miata meets back of Honda CR-Z”, now though it looks fantastic!


Well no, this is a totally different Photoshop with two totally different cars :wink:


Ah, that would explain the differences… :grin:


This is a lot of fun, and not too difficult. You guys should give it a try :slight_smile:

Here’s a fairly straightforward one, Volvo S60 Liftback!


Holy cow, blueprints are indeed way easier to work on than photos.

Here’s an Alfa Romeo 75 Sportwagon:

And a coupe version as well:


where do you find these blueprints?


Due to lack of clean and/or high-res blueprints, I resorted to redrawing the whole thing in Inkscape. I traced it over this blueprint.


Oh yeah completely forgot that i had made this some time ago so I guess I could post it here too


Mustangrati Ghibli. Because everything is better as a liftback.

(This was inspired by @TheRoadrunner’s RMW Vega, which unfortunately seems to have disappeared.)


Porsche 944 with 2 extra doors. A 1980s proto Panamera?

And, not exactly sure why, but here’s a Lincoln Town Car liftback:


Look, i made a liftback version of a Ferrari 250

I swear: 100% legit photoshop skillz [spoiler](or maybe not)[/spoiler]