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Car photoshops


psst the Vega was his design and everything but you can find it in the Cavallera thread as a joint venture car, the Gamma Lyra.


also excuse the double post, but I hope you don’t mind some extra fastback action

Ford Escort mk1… :ok_hand:

full blueprints done up


Sorry for little offtop, but Partario, this is a proto Panamera ;d


Even uglier than the final one :smile:


not mine photoshop but i found those too awesome


It took me way too long to recognize what’s wrong with these pics


Here’s a nissan with too many doors:


could you make a gt86 with 4 doors


Done by Theophilus Chin, my favorite actual car photoshopper :slight_smile:


Would drive so much. In fact it fits one of my ideas for a perfect car :grin:
It could only be a bit more liftback-like :wink:


Yep. Perfect sports sedan.


Until you try to fit someone into the back seats :stuck_out_tongue:

Which is why you need this:



Meh I’d rather get an RX8 :stuck_out_tongue:


okay holy piss this is kinky

i don’t even care that it’s a double post, I would do anything for a Fiat 124 fastback now


Which to me is ugly as hell, sorry :smiley:

There’s stuff that just doesn’t fit the proportions of a car.

(But you’re right, I didn’t really think of how much space there’d be in the back of the sedan. I’m a rather small person, but others might have a problem there.)


full blueprints done up. saving for use as a future mod for the game


That looks a lot like a lower version of…


Technically not a photoshop, but I thought I’d put this here:

Jensen Interceptor 4-door :smiley:

Edit - also this


Just a car I’m working on. Congrats if you know the base car!


I know the base car :joy: