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Car photoshops


I have a feeling that some unknown car news site will use that Audi Miata as a thumbnail for their clickbait, fake article titled “Audi and Mazda working together on a NEW CAR!??!?!? (NOT CLICKBAIT)”


The Mazda6 liftback we deserve


Thanks to you it only took me five years to notice that Mazda no longer makes a 6 Hatch


Miata F-Type.

That is all.

Your Perfect 3 car Garage?



I may be having a little bit too much fun with this.

Volvo S60 Liftback


Here is a very rough, poorly matched representation of what I think the 2018 Honda Accord could look like:

Link to my critique of the original


I also share your disappointment with front ruining an otherwise rather nice side profile. At the time I tried a couple of attempts at fixing it with varying degrees of success. But after seeing your effort I tried a few more ideas out.

Removing black bit of original grill.

Adding Mazda 6 lower grill and blacking out chrome strip

Honda CRV headlights, blacken chrome strip, Mazda 6 lower grill and previous gen Accord upper grill

Honda CRV headlights and grill, Mazda 6 lower grill and previous gen Accord upper grill

Honda CRV headlights, Honda Pilot grill, Mazda 6 lower grill


That last one looks boss! The Pilot grille really goes well with the horizontal chrome unibrow.


Yeah, it’s funny how the big SUV bits work so well on the sedan :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I made a few more changes


Literally all of these look much better than the original

EDIT: The second last one actually reminds me of the current Tesla Model S


Yes except it’s much better :stuck_out_tongue: awesome work man @Rk38


That Pilot grille does work great on there.


I think the new Tesla Model 3 looks pretty good, but from some angles it has slightly awkward proportions. So here’s my take on it :smiley:


Here is a Honda Clarity that looks more like a Civic and less like a Crosstour :wink:


Oh man I’d be all over that


Let’s play a game!

Tell me what car or cars this photoshop is based on:


Hmm… Some new Mazda (front of the door), Jag F-type (front end), Tesla (rear of the door), some Lexus (front quarterpanel)…


Good guesses… but all wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Hint: there’s only two cars used in the photoshop there, and one of them was used for a very minor part. The photoshop is about 90% the other car :wink:


I’m heavily reminded of the Opel Monza concept but it’s not that… and I’m finding it hard to believe it’s only based on two cars. Yeah, no I really don’t know which cars they are if it has to be just two cars.