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Car photoshops


i was thinking F12 and ND MX-5


I thought next gen RX7 - there’s def Mazda looks in it, wether or not they came from one


C7 Corvette?

Also, high quality work here everyone… really impressive.


Lotus Elite concept and Aston Martin DBS wheels?


We have a winner!

Congratulations to @titleguy1 for winning two guess-the-cars in one day :smiley:

Concept cars you wish existed or will come to life soon!

Here’s a BMW 2-series crossed with a Mustang.

It’s like an E92 M3, but with MOAR LIFTBACK and MOAR 'MURICA!


Let’s play another game of guess the photoshop! I really went to town on this one.

Some notes for you:
Aside from the rims, which I switched out, there is exactly one car in this photoshop. And this time it’s not some never-made-it-to-production concept car; I guarantee that all of you have seen the original car before. But I’ve totally hacked it to pieces, so guessing this should be a fun time… if you’re having trouble, my suggestion is to focus on the smaller details instead of trying to guess based on the overall appearance.

I’ll give out more hints if you guys can’t get it :wink:




Yea i’d say that’s a pretty clear Aztek


It’s clearly an Aztek, but I don’t know what the hell you’ve done to that front clip.


Well shit, I thought that this was going to be a lot harder lol…

What tipped you off?


Wheel arches and tail light border for me.


Rear lights and rear bumper


I was going for an Audi A7 Allroad type of thing. Because I love the idea of turning a shitty Aztek into an $80,000 Audi :rofl:

And @07CobaltGirl those are the Aztek’s original headlights, turned 90 degrees, stretched out, and layered on top of the turn signals :wink:


I tried to photoshop aswell … turned out I shouldn`t do it anymore :joy:



That’s not a bad start! After making a selection, you can use the “refine edge” button to make your selection smoother. Also use an eraser with very low hardness for better blending.



Is the fire supposed to look cartoony? The GT in the picture gives me some Hot Wheels Mustang vibes, so I guess it would make sense.


Tail lights and… colour :smile:


That Aztek looked a lot like…