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Car photoshops


Yep! The Crosstour (and the Audi A7) pretty much inspired the drastic change to the rear quarter windows. I’m still surprised I was able to pull that off using only Aztek parts :smile:


Alright guys, I got one more round of guess the photoshop for you! This shouldn’t be hard at all if you know your automotive history :wink:


NSU Ro80?


Ro80 and Opel Manta, i think


Ro80 is correct!

Congratulations to @titleguy1 on winning the trifecta of guess the photoshop rounds :wink:


Citroen Urraco

A stylish 1970s liftback sedan, powered by a high-revving 2.4L I4 sending 120hp to the front wheels.
Pictured with its hydropneumatic suspension in the lowest position.


Mazda MX-6 but RWD this time




I un-stiltified the new Volvo XC40:


…I think I prefer this to be honest


Not my Photoshop, but this Volvo XC90 pickup truck is awesome!

I absolutely love the idea of a 4 cylinder, transverse engined, unibody pickup truck lol. It’s like a Honda Ridgeline, except with a 316hp twincharged 2.0L I4 :smiley: Plus, it would easily be the classiest looking truck on the market, although this might give it a run for its money…


I didn’t really like my old Volvo S60 Liftback, so I remade it :smiley:


Which of these liftback/sedan photoshops is your favorite?

  • Honda
  • Tesla
  • Mazda
  • Volvo

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It’s a tough toss up for me, I love all of them - just the Tesla less. Honda one is :ok_hand: while the Mazda is too but Volvo, man, these modern Volvos got me like image

Great job with the 'shops btw, they look amazing, I’d love to learn how to do these :smile:


Apparently I’m the only one who likes the Tesla the best :stuck_out_tongue: My order would be Tesla, Mazda, Volvo, Honda

If you want to learn how to do them, look up some tutorials on YouTube, @titleguy1 actually just posted a cool timelapse on a Honda Accord photoshop :smiley:


Whoah, I didn’t know that you’d notice :joy: thanks for the shout out, dude!


Haha yeah I was wondering if you were going to post that here :stuck_out_tongue:


Toyota Prius Re-proportioned


That rear looks damn good, Toyota please, please make that real


I’d say that low profile tires look cheesy on it. Or on most things, but especially this. But other than that (which may or may not be your doing), no complaints.