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Car photoshops


Honda Fit Liftback

A subcompact liftback based on the Honda Shuttle, which in turn is based on the Honda Fit
All the practicality and space efficiency of the Honda Fit in a more aerodynamic, attractive package

Wheelbase: 2530mm (same as Honda Fit)
Length: 4400mm (same as Honda Shuttle)
Height: 1420mm (same as Honda Civic)
Weight: ~1150kg
Estimated MPG: 33/42
Cargo space: comparable to most compact SUVs

This car plus a 1.5 turbo would basically be the perfect car for my needs. Lightweight, efficient, highly practical, fun to drive, and good looking too.

Here’s a comparison between this car and the regular Fit:


I would buy that, nuff said


No offense here, but this is the first one I don’t actually like. The proportions seem off.


You’re absolutely right about that. Most of my other photoshops were designed with the express purpose of looking good, with optimal proportions. But this one is designed to visualize a car for an intended market. Any car in the subcompact class (B-segment), especially sedan-type cars, will look squashed in the horizontal plane (or excessively tall, from another perspective). See the Nissan Versa, Ford Fiesta sedan, or Mitsubishi Mirage G4. Even the Mazda2 sedan/Toyota iA, which I referenced for this photoshop, has rather unflattering dimensions.

When I was making this photoshop, I did in fact originally have it so the roofline was much lower, so it pretty much had Civic proportions. But when I compared it to the regular Fit, it was clear that the roofline was far too low and it would have no headroom. So I raised the roofline to match the actual Civic, which is still lower than the original Fit’s roofline. The result is a car that looks like a squashed Civic, which it pretty much is. But it’s not so much the form that is what I’m trying to get at here, it’s the function: a car that is lighter and more compact than the Civic, yet has more usable interior space.

Anyway, I just think the idea of a B-segment liftback is really interesting, and should be explored by more automakers :smiley:


Isn’t that pretty much just the Honda City?

Wheelbase: 2600mm
Length: 4455mm
Height: 1477mm
Weight: ~1082-1107kg (Tare mass manual/automatic)
Estimated MPG: 39/40 (combined manual/automatic)
Cargo space: 546 litres (VDA standard)


Yes, but with better proportions, and MOAR LIFTBACK :smiley:

Seriously though, a hatch makes all the difference for this kind of car. Which one would you rather have?


I don’t mind the City’s proportions… it seems to work well as a liftback :stuck_out_tongue:


That looks amazing! Say… would you mind sharing your PSD files? I’d like to play around with that, and I think it could be useful for those following this thread to see how it’s done :slight_smile:


Just made a really quick and pretty low quality shop because I became curious of one other thing

Honda Amaze liftback! For a little background info: India finds sedans rather prestigious for some odd reason so there’s an entire segment of sub-4 metre long sedans, the Amaze being one of them. It’s based on the Honda Brio. It’s the third best selling car for Honda India. Some numbers:

  • Wheelbase: 2405mm
  • Length: 3390mm
  • Weight: 1060kg
  • Estimated mileage: 61mpg for the diesel, the petrols range from 41mpg for the manual and auto to 43 for the CVT.
    Comes with a 1.2L I4 petrol and a 1.5L turbodiesel I4

Why isn’t this a liftback, India? :grinning:

This with an update to modern Honda styling would be cool


Because SEDAN PRESTIGE! It seems to be a pretty common thing in developing/post-communist/otherwise not very rich countries. It’s traces can still be observed in Poland. And explanation of this I’ve seen is that sedan makes the owner look a bit more of an intellectualist - without the need to transport things daily other than a briefcase maybe, which will fit perfectly in any sedan, and with sedan being more elegant than utilitarian - as that bodystyle is clearly going for the style with any other being more practical. According to that theory that suggests that the owner of such car can afford to sacrifice practicality for style.



So yes, this theory is stupid. But it seems to work.


Oh yeah, that very car is like the pinnacle of taxis in India. You want a modern, decadent, foreign sedan to show off to everyone? That right there is the answer. (Although in recent times the new Nissan Sunny has taken over… :nauseated_face:)

Anyway, we deviate, but my interest to liftback-ify more of these small little sedans has been piqued :smile:


A quick search for Honda Amaze got me this:

Yes. This should be a thing.


Jesus christ… yes.



Oh sure thing, here’s the PSD, cleaning it up and properly labeled since it was a right mess when I threw it together :stuck_out_tongue:

PSD.zip (404.3 KB)


Here’s my edited version! I took some inspiration from the Hyundai Ioniq.

PSD for you :wink:
Honda City Liftback phale edit.zip (550.9 KB)


Very rushed take on a more liftback-y Lexus LS


Looks like a Panamera, nice!


Actually looks nicer than the real LS.


How has no one done this one before?

(and yes I’m only spending about 5 minutes per photoshop haha)

another one, this time I have no idea why it doesn’t exist, it makes so much more sense than the actual car