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Car Replicas


I know i’m not the first to build a Nissan Skyline R34 replica, but here it is nonetheless! It’s my first replica since the Steam release! youtu.be/JWKkOR0c4Xs


Jaguar E-Type …Not quite happy with the rear.

Also, I am baffled why in many bodies, the A-pilar itself has to start bending heavily from the middle towards the front of the car (as you can see in the middle pic), when adjusting the A-pilar/roofline enough towards nose?


i show a fiat grand Punto Abarth S2000


[size=150]Mercedes-Benz TN


Here’s my first work…
Do you recognize it? :slight_smile:

It’s equipped with the HEMI 426 cubic inches.


My first attempt at recreating a car… well, not so much a recreation as it is a reimagination. Just try to ignore the fact that it’s got 4 doors.


[quote=“Rotor”]Here’s my first work…
Do you recognize it? :slight_smile:

It’s equipped with the HEMI 426 cubic inches.[/quote]

Nice looking Charger you have there. Maybe you could detail both the front and the rear of the car a little bit more.

That Conti looks good, very nice replica!


2 Replicas in 1 video! A 1983 Chevy Chevette which took like 5 minutes (and i didn’t take pics of it), and then a Honda NSX! youtu.be/_bW_relNM1Q


I built a Trabant 1.1


Question: Can the replica be of a video game car, like one in Carmageddon (That would be pretty hard to do) or GTA?


Let’s see if my car is really similar to the real one: what car is this? Same engine and dimensions. :mrgreen:

Hope you like it. :geek:


Mercedes 190E? Nice job!


It can be even Evolution variant.


Exactly, it’sa replica of the 190 2.3 EVO II. One of my favourite car.

I have to refine the rear, but engine and front are near to the real one. :slight_smile:


My first replica TRY, any opinions? :smiley:




Second try with Mods:



Nice front but the car is a bit heavy! 2000 kg are a lot :open_mouth:


Yup, but it’s mostly the design. I only care about the motor in my own company. :smiley:


Let’s see who’s good to recognize this one… :mrgreen:
I’ll give you a help: year 2000.

If you guess you are a real car enthusiast. :laughing:


Is it a B-Engineering Edonis?


We all know (and most of us like/love) the Mazda MX-5, so i decided to replicate a 2005 model of it! I realize that the headlight arrangement is a little bit too small but overall i like the result. I build the engine as well, it’s pretty close to the original! youtu.be/KHSRuHXasYs

If you want one [size=85](I’m looking at you, Daffy!)[/size] PM me and i’ll send you the lua file :slight_smile: