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Car Replicas


I got this game a few days ago and it’s been tons of fun. I looked through this thread today and after seeing the two BMW M4 Replicas, I decided to do one myself, since I DO love the M4. It didn’t come out anywhere as near as well as I wanted to. The back, especially, came out poorly due to a lack of good taillight shapes to work with and the body’s shape. I picked this shell because it was the closest I could do, though still far enough away. The front came out OKAY though. As for the engine, I tried to make it as much based off the real thing as I could, and then I ended up just matching the RPM, Compression, HP, and Torque output of the real S55 engine, though I researched and made sure to use an AlSi block and Forged Crank. I matched the 0-60 time as close as i could and put the top speed under 200 (I know that it’s limited to 155 in USA, but probably can’t pull 200 unlocked). It’s light and I was too lazy to keep tuning to increase the fuel economy. I was mostly going for the design.

Also big thanks to Tom, who’s videos gave me ideas on creative use of vents.

Maybe when i get bored ill post my original designs. Might do more replicas. Any ideas what to do?


Wow, nice work on the design! The fuel economy on the real car is actually crazy good for a I6 turbo this powerful, it’s gonna be tough to match that. Also, i tried replicating that engine before but i had a rough time getting the torque output right because we only have single turbo I6s, and the real car has a twin-turbo I6.


My first attempt creating a replica!

Seat Ibiza MK2


Looking good guys! :slight_smile:


Well i didnt spend much time on it and i think its a bad job but ill post it anyways. The car i made is a Ford Excursion (my dream car). i used the boxy square 5 door suv as the body. i think i did the super duty grille quite nice. it has the 5.4 litre v8 gas in it(which makes more power then all the engines and i didnt tune it apart from realistic dimensions).

(it actually looks like more a suburban to be honest)


Can somebody recreate the 1985 Bentley Turbo R? I’m mostly after realistic performance recreation. I haven’t been able to make a replica match the performance of the original - I get noticeably slower acceleration and top speed than the original. It almost seems like the game doesn’t “use” the engine torque effectively when max horsepower is relatively low. For the record: It’s a 2.4-ton vehicle with a 6-75-litre OHV V8 with K-Motronic fuel injection and a single turbocharger driving through a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Power is 324 hp/4200 rpm and torque 660 Nm/2400 rpm. What I cannot replicate is the 6.7 second time from 0 to 100 km/h. Top speed is somewhere between 220 and 240 km/h. Show me your results!


That`s my Opel Corsa B GSi Replica. I used to have one long time ago. I was loving this car.



Now, I really dont like most Mercedes cars, and I’m a massive BMW fan, so I decided the best way to mock the Mercedes brand was to replicate one of their cars, so, here is my (awful) version of a 2012 Mercedes C Class Coupe.

P.S Ignore the specs, and the model year :stuck_out_tongue:


I made a 1958 Chrysler 300.


[quote=“cjrhoades”]My first attempt at recreating a car… well, not so much a recreation as it is a reimagination. Just try to ignore the fact that it’s got 4 doors.


Then again, it could double as a Continental Flying Spur; that one has 4 doors instead of 2, you know.


[quote=“TheTom”]Here’s my McLaren MP4-12C replica! youtube.com/watch?v=pIeE8x941Us
Better than the P1 replica i did?

Given that i also built the engine for the car, i might as well share the file, right? :stuck_out_tongue: PS: It’s faster accelerating than the real one but i hope you don’t mind :smiley:[/quote]

Front looks more like an Ascari KZ1 (especially the headlights), actually. Other than that, good job!


Jaguar XJ8


As you can see, this automation body is nearly perfect for the last traditional XJ.


I made a 2015 Ford Mustang GT on stream today. Here’s the final result:

If you wanna watch some of my future streams, you can follow me on twitch: twitch.tv/tom_henks
I will announce future streams on my facebook page: facebook.com/thetomgamingchannel


[size=85]Psst… [/size]Tinypic :frowning:


Uploaded it via photobucket now. And don’t tell me that’s banned too in your country :smiley:


Nope, it’s not banned.
Nice looking car. The tail is spot on, and the front nearly is too. I think the headlights are a little too thin.


Pantera de Tomaso GTS [size=85](alias in-game Tomasin)[/size]

The engine is one version (out of many), and only matches the displacement, compression and horsepower output.
The wheels and rims are smaller than the original, so I’ve tweaked them in (I think) a reasonable way.
The lips are there only to hide the car frame.

I’ve attached the file, it should work properly (I guess pop-up headlights mod would be required).
Raz - Tomasin.zip (95.8 KB)


I’ll start off with past and current cars I own.

Current daily driver: 2008 Honda Civic LX (Couldn’t get the headlights quite right)

My first daily driver (back in High School). Technically, it was my parents car. 1988 Chrysler LeBaron

My first car 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva SC. Taking another glance at this, I think the headlights look more early-mid 2000s Nissan to some extent

These are other vehicles I’ve been inspired to create
2016 Honda Civic LX

2016 Honda Civic Touring

2016 Honda Civic Type-R (not real, just my unrealistic prediction, especially the AWD and unique LED headlights)

1995 Ford GT90 Concept (Tried to get a V12 in there but it wouldn’t fit as well as a larger V8)


The GT90 was a rad concept car. I remember back in the day when it was revealed and starred in NFS II… back in the days when 700hp was ludicrous for even a supercar unless you had a McLaren F1.