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Car Replicas


I can’t attach files yet but here’s a link to the .car

It has a lot of trouble putting down all 789 horses likely due to weight distribution but ESC is definitely a lifesaver when driving it in Beam.


The safety score is 15 which is very low, did you have to remove much of it to make weight?


Yeah I had to cut corners in the interior because the weight was high off the 3500 lbs mark of the real 812. I didn’t focus on the sellability and safety of the car because I primarily wanted to get the performance figures matching.


Thanks! :smile:


Nice Replica!


And now for something completely different…

1999 Toyota Sienna LE

Accurate power, torque, engine materials, weight, and any other information I could find :smile:


My take of my Alfa 156 Sportwagon with a 3.0 V6



Here’s the Lexus LFA:

The front end didn’t come out as well as the rear, but I did what I could.

And since no Lexus LFA post would be complete without hearing that beautiful V10, here it is in action in Beam.


You could convince me I’m looking at an actual LFA from the back. (I’ve seen a few IRL, and that looks really accurate)


This is my McLaren replica with 1800hp, 1800nm 8.1L V10-T


This engine sounds amazing, good work.


Mercedes-AMG GT R (4.0L Biturbo V8, 577 hp, 3594 lbs).

Skidding around the ETK test track


Rolls Royce Cullinan (not sure why the body is poking through the rear license plate)

Looks alright in Beam too, although unfortunately despite maximum sound dampening and smallest possible exhausts, the turbo is quite loud.


it’s poking through because it’s probably a layer too low.


That’s what I thought at first. so I put the license plate on layer 4 and it fixed it in the editor. For some reason when going into photo mode and exporting it the body poked through again :exploding_head:


Aston Martin DB10

Looks more like a shooting brake in the rear 3/4 view :sleepy:

Here’s the DB10 in action.


Hennessey Venom F5. It’s a bit of a stretch with this body shape but that’s the closest one in the vanilla game unfortunately

Of course what we really want to see is this car’s straight line performance- above 160 mph it turns into an uncontrollable oversteery mess despite my attempts to add front downforce, add rear grip, adjust camper, springs, etc.


Koenigsegg One:1 version 2.

Changes include:

  • New tail lights
  • New front grille
  • New exhaust pipe
  • Changed side mirrors
  • Carbon stripe on hood, roof, and rear
  • Changed side vents

I also attempted to lap it around the Automation Test Track in BeamNG. It is quite squirrely at high speeds (as you will see on the straight) but around corners and under braking it actually performs quite well.


Toyota Supra MKIV Turbo

Here it is next to the Hirochi Prasu in BeamNG.


Ford Mustang Boss 429

And here it is burning rubber in Utah.