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Car Replicas


i was in doubt because they have a big embossing (don’t know if the term is right)

i’ve seen it in full resolution in the pc, yes, is one grill and various lips as fins (i can’t get to use the lips as fins, they always looks bad


You could always use the mudflap fixtures. They’ll work best for race car diffusers that have large fins.


Here’s the Ghia version of the Fiesta i’ve posted. The other is the Popular, the base version.

'83 Ford Fiesta MK2 - '84 Ghia.car (41.1 KB)


Saleen S1, or what will become (as far as I am aware) the most powerful production I4 engine to date when it enters production this fall.

It handles pretty well on some backroads thanks to the incredibly wide tires for its size. As in 335s on the rear of a 2600 lb car wide.


Didn’t even know this existed but I’m sure it’ll be a blast irl!


Most of your replicas have too little safety to be sellable in some regions (or any of them, in some cases), and require a disproportionately high PU/ET. Then again, some sacrifices have to be made for the sake of accuracy.


Yeah I don’t design them to fit to the game markets, so any score they get is coincidental (looking at you, Chevy Express 2500 hypercar).

The safety quality slider is the easiest way to drop a lot of weight out of the car if it is needed to match the IRL curb weight, so that’s why a lot of the cars have really bad safety. Interior quality is usually next to go for the same reason.


As always, excellent work. Some questions
Do you put some vents over the headlights right?
What is the bonnet scoop? I don’t seem to deduce it
On critics, maybe another grill for the rear plate, and are missing some vents, and the side mirror are better option :slight_smile:


Thanks man! The headlights don’t use any vents, it’s just the large triangular light fixture, two smaller LED lights, and three small orange indicators to make that shape.

The bonnet scoop is the regular scoop fixture with the mesh painted the body color, and then I think I just put a carbon fiber lip spoiler on it to mimic the IRL design.

Yeah I figure the license plate will look a bit different on production models so it’s not to important, although you’re right that I missed that vent :man_facepalming:


Don’t facepalm, it’s excellent! I was thinking, do you try to put some bumpers on the roof to try to mimic it? Maybe later when i’m home, i would upload a supercar, a Volkswagen UP hahaha. But i have to make it again because i switch the trim and delete all the fixtures, so i was angry and made my angry version of if, more agressive styling and with a I4 1000cc with 250 hp


Here is the Volkswagen UP turbocharged (but really stock on the outside muahahaha)!

I used the automation logo because the circle was too glitchy on the front and was making me crazy, also i take note from @Abot work and use indicators to make more accurate the light (in this case, the rear ones)

WE REALLY NEED to have the option to mod the grill deep


I was inspired, so i made a 2000 Mini cooper (or something like that). i put a ridiculous engine (v8 1.6l with 560 hp) but all i’ve got was 0-100 km/h in 5.6 :frowning:

EDIT. So, i sat again with the game, tinkering with the gearbox, and reducing weight of safety and get to trumpets sound 2.8 from 0-100 km/h, YEAH! insert picture

The front grill is from a mod, but all covered in chromed bumper EDIT: all other parts are stock

Hard Rooster's Vanilla Fixtures Thread

Audi TT RS, most powerful production I5 engine

And here is some back road driving



Mazda Savanna RX-7 FC3S


The engine is just a placeholder, So… It just visually looks like an FC3S :confused:

Let me know what do you think!


Really nice replica, some notes:

  • The headlights i think there is a model more square.
  • The hood scoop is strange, but may be the lighting
  • Bigger mirrors

(also, in the first picture looks like a bug on the farthest headlight)


Hellmansy Menem GT aka

Hennessey Venom GT (all stock except body)


Audi A4 Allroad 2011 2.0 TFSI:
There are many thing missing, as the plastic bumpers, and the rear is rounded instead of more flat, but the body can’t morph that way.

The engine almost coincides in the top torque and hp, but according to auto-data is more flat that what i’ve got, BUT, the 0-100 km/h matches!

Real Life Pic


Decided to do a 2017/18 Mini Countryman Cooper S All4. Tried to match the power, etc… though may not be the closest torque curve to the actual car.

Maybe not the best body choice for it, but I think it fit pretty well.

Here’s the .car file if anyone wishes to mess around with it in Beam or whatever. Not tested it in Beam, so not sure how it will handle.

Mini - Countryman - Cooper S All4.car (74.4 KB)


how did you do that grille?


Mods from L5. One of his grilles, and the used parts from the modular headlights to do the insert.