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Car Replicas


Specs here: https://www.bmwusa.com/vehicles/5-series/sedan/m550i-xdrive-sedan/specifications.html

I saw one on the road today. Took off moderately quickly from a light. The growl from the V8 was muted, but distinct. I wish the driver did a full-on acceleration run!


Mods are using Turo, post rental bois




That looks to be another game? My Summer Car maybe?


It’s BeamNG with the hand from MSC. We just got the body of the Satsuma from the last update.


My favorite!!


@On3CherryShake u like chrysler 200S too?


ohh nice, i didn’t play with the new content, in fact, don’t play the game since Shadow of Tomb Raider came out.


I absolutely love Chrysler!


Same! Especially their v6 and thier 200. I drove one and it’s so Easy, I know where everything is and its fuel efficient! I would like it to be my first car


Me too, the Pentastar is a perfect engine! If I got a 200 as my first car it’d be a 2011-14 though.


I like how the 11-14 200s were and how they sounded. The new one is the one i would get. I like the styling and interior. The older ones seemed fast too. Some say the 9- speed sucks on the new 200

I would like this one


Honestly I had one as a rental the first time I set foot in the US. A S V6 FWD with a ton of extras.
Imagine being 23, european, driving a 95hp Fiesta, parents drive a 115hp Mondeo, landing in US and getting the keys of a 300hp sedan that gets 32mpg of fuel literally three times cheaper than in Europe, for a price I would have had to pay for a rental Fiat 500 back home. :nut:


I think all of you may recognize this car :wink:

-Cough Cough 2008 mustang Shelby GT500 Cough Cough-

(Posting it as a mod for beamng drive soon!)


Fiat 147 - L.car (33.0 KB)

I know, the body is too short to correctly simulate a 147, but it’s what we had on Brasil, so I couldn’t pass the oportunity.


The progress so far of my 2008 Mustang Shelby GT500 SuperSnake!

I’ve put a lot of effort on it! :grinning:

(The update i made should be approved for tommorow :wink:)

But while that happens, (If you want) you can drive the unfinished version of the Stang.
(Had to change the Name because Beamng.drive doesn’t allow me to use Real names for the cars :cry:)


I did a Mustang replica like a week before the update that added this body *seething anger


The 9 speed was kinda garbage. My dad has one with it (2015 Ram Promaster City). It didn’t eat itself like the early ones, but it is kinda rough and it loves to gear hunt. And it really isn’t any more fuel efficient than a comparable 6 speed.


2012 Koenigsegg Agera R

Yes, this took me almost 4 nights to make…

Here’s the mod link (On beamng. drive) (Mod page named as “konigsegg agero R” to avoid copyright)

Hope ya like it! :wink: