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Car Replicas


1995 Honda NSX and 2002 Honda NSX Type-R

Sorry for the quite long hiatus, I’ve been quite busy.

(This one is not finished)

Extra pics on beamng.drive:

(Powersliding out of a corner on Irohazaka)

(Sorry for the potato PC :disappointed_relieved:)

(Posting it as a Beamng.drive mod Soon!)


@VG33E Those are unbelievably good! Amazing job! In fact, you’ve motivated me to post all of my replicas.

… in a separate thread, because design-wise they’re a bit… :poop: though extra care was taken to get the specifications and performance as close as possible - right down to modified jbeam files for accurate gear ratios and even torque converter diameter where I could find it. :nerd_face:


Here’s a aussie Ford Landau P5, as close as I could get to it. That vinyl roof was a pain to make! But turned out really good.

Ford Landau - Coupe.car (80.6 KB)


WOW! I didn`t start the game yet… but a artwork like this, makes me “hungry” to give it a try myself :slight_smile:


And what if the aussies had tried their hands on a King Cobra?

Ford Landau - King Kobra.car (77.3 KB)


I can help you with the designs. PM me.


ATS-V Coupe - 6-speed.car (24.0 KB)
It’s not much to look at, but @Marcus_gt500 is going to be helping me with all my designs.


Here’s an Alfa Romeo GTV V6 24V for you.


Just a simple rendition of my own car, a 1990 Volvo 740 GL. Not an exact replica, but nice enough. :slight_smile:


@Marcus_gt500 had me with his GTA replicas.


Let me guess, GTA III Mafia Sentinel.


Noice! I tried this one, but couldn’t make the tail lights acceptable. You nailed it!


1996 Dodge Viper GTS

(Holy crap, that’s a lot of fixtures)

Car save files soon, because i am a lazy :joy:


Looks awesome! I love the Sentinel from GTA III


My GTA cars. Let’s see who can name them.


Cheetah without a single :b:


-GTA VC Banshee
-GTA III Blista
-GTA SA Buffalo
-GTA III/Liberty City Stories Cheetah


I’ve forgot this ones. Also added them to the list above.




Wait till you see the “Huge International” Coupe of this one!