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Car Replicas


A 2004 Range Rover L332


2008 Audi RS6


Mitsubishi Starions!

The '75 coupe body is the spitting image of one, and since it was my intention to create a Starion anyway it was pretty easy - even the performance figures (roughly) matched up to the real thing. The only real problem was the pop-up headlights refused to slope over the front of the car, so I’ve had to put them up on the bonnet.


1997 (XV20) Toyota Camry LE

(also comes in hill climb and JGTC variants!)


Gimme gimme gimme that 1MZ, or I don’t care :triumph::clap:t2::jp:


These two model are my first car replicas here in Automation. I know there’s more than something to fix, but however I wanted to share them, just give me an opinion if you want.

ALFA ROMEO 155 Q4, 1994

This saloon used to be, in the '90s, one of the fastest in the italian car market, and mounted the same engine of the famous rally car Lancia Delta HF, a 4 cylinder engine with nearly 190 hp. Technical data reproduced in this game are quite similar, as the line.


The car doesn’t need any presentation :smirk:; i have to admit that the engine is not equal at all: in facts, it develops 40 Nm of torque in excess, and I had some trouble with the rear design. The weight and the top speed are nearly the same


the Starion could use better fixtures, for example dont use those old license plates. Also, instead of using the pop-up fixture for the pop-ups, use something else like a gas cap or a square shaped light fixture that is painted car colour. I’d say the rest of the car looks great tho


5S-FE only :triumph::triumph::triumph:


I bet you all can’t guess what car this is…


Here is a certain .Car file if you want to rip it in beam.
Dodge Charger - SRT Hellcat 6.2.car (41.7 KB)


2006 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L 3v

.Car file = Ford Mustang - GT 4.6L.car (31.9 KB)

I also have a 5.0L Coyote swapped version of this car pumping out 460hp with a redline of 7500RPM.

Unfortunately, I cannot properly recreate the lights with the current ficture options in Automation, even with 350 mods installed.


2019 S550 Mustang GT with 5.0L Coyote V8 engine

.Car file 2020 Ford Mustang - GT.car (37.4 KB)

I’m pleased with the engine. Man is it fun to rip.
The car looks like a mess tho.


2019 Dodge Charger RT

Equipped with the 5.7 Hemi V8, ZF-8 automatic transmission (8 speed), and various trim and aero bits.

Vehicle Statistics

Engine Statistics


.car file: Dodge Charger - RT.car (65.1 KB)

Statistics Source


Engine Recreation Thread

2019 Shelby Venom

An All-American mid engined supercar. Complete with a 5.2L Ford “Voodoo” flat-plane V8 offered either in 526hp NA “S” or near 1000hp twin-turbo “SS” configurations.

The Shelby Venom is available with either a 7 speed manual or a 7 speed dual clutch transmission.
Coupled with an intelligent AWD system, the Shelby Venom S does 0-60 in a mere 2.8 seconds and the Shelby Venom SS does 0-60 in an astonishing 2.3 seconds. (Dodge Demon much?)


What is this a replica of?


Shoot, wrong forum. Its kind of a gt350 and saleen S7 mashed together


Citroën BX 16 TRS 1982 Replica

Citroën BX - 16 TRS 1982.car (51.8 KB)

Tried to reproduce the engine and the car as well. The car is really close enough, the engine on the other hand is not that close, its fuel consumption is too high compared to the original one. The suspensions are also uncertain.
(You are free to do whatever you like with it, btw)


When building an Austrian car on the Mitsubishi Galant based body, I noticed I was unwillingly building a 1986-1990 Audi 80. Not a real replica as doing one wasn’t my intention, but it’s close.


1993 Subaru SVX


Citroën C6 2005 Replica


Lexus LFA - Nurburgring.car (34.1 KB)

2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring edition

This car is soooo fun to drive i hardly want to drive any other car in BeamNG. The sound, the controllable wheelspin, and the speed makes it great.