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Car Replicas


1984 Plymouth Voyager SE

1970 Datsun 100A (yes I know about the badges)

I've also seen a satsuma in this thread, so here's my replica :)


BMW Serie 3 F30


There are perfect not-F30 headlights available without mods, that would look pretty good using them


Volkswagen Passat CC 2.0 TSI
(2009 front, 2012 rear)


Oh fuq this is great




Work in progress of my car. Still trying to figure out all this fixture and paint stuff and I only have a couple hours of sandboxing, but at least I did the tutorial and the campaign on easy before I started turning quality sliders all the way up because MY BRAND.

It’s a tuned 2007 XC70 with a turbo that behaves more like mine. The car itself is a tribute to the venerable B5254t2 engine, just with, like, a big exhaust and injectors and stuff and not detuned 50% because people are bad at maintaining their driving machine. So the engine and stuff is pretty good and accurate.

Family cars can have a little turbo pop and torque. Limited to one photo, which is probably a good idea.


ok well it looks like a longboi Forester but overall I’m happy with how it turned out


Cadillac Eldorado 1968 Replica

You can have it for free :
Cadillac_-_Eldorado_1968.car (56.8 KB)