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Car Replicas


I've been meaning to share my Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 Evolution II for a while now (as you can tell from the date on the screenshots that i've been too lazy to crop off):

I'm not 100% happy with it, but with the parts available in the car designer its the closest I could get. As always the engine is spot on for power/torque/rpm/parts/whatever going by the usual websites


Haha nice! Really like it!

BTW, if you dont want to chop things off, click the window, then press Alt+ Printscreen to only printscreen the selected window :wink:


thanks :slight_smile:

i know about the alt + printscreen, but i just forgot to use it for those shots and i'm too lazy to take more :stuck_out_tongue:


My Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 :smiley: rear is WIP


I can't do the chrome sadly and the front end is not even close, but the tires, tail lights and engine are close(ish)


Guess it's my turn then.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my favorite production car ever, replicated in Automation...

The Dodge Viper. (Specifically the '08 SRT-10)

This wasn't nearly as hard as i'd thought it might have been.
This specific car frame melds and shapes into near just the right proportions for the Viper. (Note that the rear blinkers should be red, had no way of doing that)
Had no way of mounting side exhausts so i didn't bother with any pipes at all.
The Rear tires can't be made nearly wide enough to the actual size, but are still pretty humongous.
Downforce is indeed higher than the actual aero on the real thing,
but i got lazy and didn't bother with stacking lips on the base model for hours till i could get exactly the right amount.
0-60 is slower than reality because the rear tires aren't wide enough,
and the Automation test driver needs a good lesson or two on how to properly launch a car.
Top speed is about dead on.
Lateral grip seems about right.
Fuel mileage is much closer than i thought i'd get it.
Weight distribution is indeed about 50/50 on the real car.
Actual car's weight is 3460 lbs. Didn't want to mess with weight distribution so i let it be.
Quarter mile time is a toss up. Some people can launch and shift a car flawlessly, some people can hardly get the car straight.
I forgot to put on the proper brakes before I took a pic. With the right brakes on, it stops dead at about 98', right on the dot to the real thing.
The Viper's Drag coefficient seems to vary between sources, so i can't say for sure if it's dead on.
Lastly, about the engine. I know the Viper's engine is a V-10 EFI OHV. The EFI wouldn't fit with 8.4 Litres, so i had to make due with Direct Injection.
The Viper's engine is, after all, just Chrysler's V-8 with 2 extra cylinders molded on.

All in all, my best effort. How do you guys think i did?

I can only post 3 attachments at a time it seems, so i will post the last 2 pictures containing the Stats and the Engine in a very quick follow up post. (I apologize for the "Double post")


My final two pictures of my Viper recreation project, containing the Stats of the vehicle, and the Engine. (EDIT) Seems i forgot to post the rear shot. There we go. You have a full view of the recreation now.


Really great job!


my attempt at recreating the legendary DAOHC POLO!


Guess its my turn again. Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV!

And the 4G63 Turbo engine, with 99% accurate Power and Torque:


My BMW 316 Ti Replica
And yes i replicated M42 and put on it

The tailights are fail


Behold!! The 98' 1.3 Skoda Felicia ... :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. 1.3 engine is a pushrod engine
  2. It seems you've tried to recreate the 40kW version of this, right? If so, the 40 kw one runs on RON 91 fuel.
  3. Why the long tubular exhaust? It seems like an overkill, seeing that the real engine has short casts.
  4. There have been at least 3 recreations of that car, one in beta posting thread, one in separate thread, and one in Smolensk Tuning. (two made by me) I don't blame you though, since Felicias are awesome cars, especially in that color, and since none of them were in this thread
    5.Nice job on the taillights.


:blush: but, but, but... I've just searched for Felicia in this thread... my bad! sorry!

Yes, i didn't work the engine as i should.

thanks! cheers


Really? The Only Thing Worst Than A Ninties Skoda Is A Ninties Felicia. They Were Cheap And Crap. Not To Mention Green.

Also I Think You Should Apologize To 8bs As Your Comment Was Quite Mean. :astonished:


Quoted for eye-cancer-inducing capitalizations and the sweet double-whammy irony of saying something insulting right before requiring an apology. (Double-whammy because me saying you give people eye cancer is totally mean too, :stuck_out_tongue: but don't worry, at least I won't require an apology.) Felicias have their place, in green or not! :slight_smile: Nice build!


Thanks for your concern ZanBay! :slight_smile:

Well, Killrob, after all, there is no accounting for taste, right? :smiley:



In order to support my unhealthy obsession with the M3, here is my rendition of the 1989 E30 M3. Needs a square back, rather than this rounded version. Sitting under the hood is the S14B23 EVO2. Yes, I am aware the E30 has been done multiple times in here. I also have the S14B25, and turbo editions of both. (I told you it was an unhealthy obsession!)


2015 BMW M4 Coupe
Reference Photo

The recreation

2014 M4 - Rev0.lua (111 KB)
2014 M - Rev - 0.lua (23.8 KB)

The engine

3.0L (2979cc) Turbo DOHC Direct-Injection Inline 6
S55 B30 TurboRev1.lua (76.1 KB)


I think the split grille should be in chrome. Apart from that, great work.

This one, not so much. I do see you've tried to make it as similar as possible, and you did do well for what is available, but I don't think the game has enough fixtures to make something resembling a new BMW design.

  1. work on capitalization.
  2. elaborate on what you mean by "Your Comment Was Quite Mean". I mean, I only provided constructive criticism and things for 8bs to work on. You on the other hand...
  3. ...should take a look at my profile, take a look at what cars I do own, and think whether your comment "Was Quite Mean" or not. Also, there are (or would be) very many things worse than a "Ninties Felicia". A car that spontaneously combusts would be pretty bad. But, of course, no serious manufacturer would do such a thing, right? :slight_smile:
  4. If you have any further issues, please, let's discuss this via PM.

Also, I've made a replica too. It's an Alfa 8C Competizione. Not that accurate of a replica, but it's the best I could do.