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Car Replicas


2019 Suzuki Jimny Sierra


Mercedes SLR 722 Edition.

Mercedes_SLR_722_Edition_-_Mercedes_SLR_722_Edition.car (39.1 KB)


How about two European Vehicles from 1959?:
Opel Kapitän

AEC Routemaster


Un regalo per gli italiani.
Auguro a tutti di rimanere in salute nelle vostre città compatte.
Pagani Zonda 12C 2002 7.3MT First Generation.
Used mods:
CaspitaSuper body.

Pagani_Zonda_Control_Grip_-_Pagani_Zonda_Control_Grip.car (21.8 KB)


Thank you, @CVJOINTsequence, you’re a really kind bud, here are pretty messy times and everyone is freaking about this virus. I do really hope things will get well soon, for us and for the other Nations which are facing pretty harsh times. A huge thanks and ciao.


Ferrari 250 GTC

! Morris Minor Panel Van

Both kind of outdated replicas


Buick Riviera Silver 1972.
250 hp at 4000 rpm.
508 nm at 2800 rpm.
max speed 174 km/h or 108 mp/h.
Weight 2014.6 kg or 4440 lb.
ABS — yes.
Lacking only a photo of the interior saloon.

buick_riviera_silver_-_buick_riviera_silver.car (39.8 KB)


1972 Buick Skylark

thrown together rather quickly admittedly
plenty of areas to improve

1973 Citroën DS 23 (replica/sort-of)

Citroën_-DS_23(1973).car (78.3 KB)

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