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Car Replicas


Mercedes SLR 722 Edition.

Mercedes_SLR_722_Edition_-_Mercedes_SLR_722_Edition.car (39.1 KB)


How about two European Vehicles from 1959?:
Opel Kapitän

AEC Routemaster


Un regalo per gli italiani.
Auguro a tutti di rimanere in salute nelle vostre città compatte.
Pagani Zonda 12C 2002 7.3MT First Generation.
Used mods:
CaspitaSuper body.

Pagani_Zonda_Control_Grip_-_Pagani_Zonda_Control_Grip.car (21.8 KB)


Thank you, @CVJOINTsequence, you’re a really kind bud, here are pretty messy times and everyone is freaking about this virus. I do really hope things will get well soon, for us and for the other Nations which are facing pretty harsh times. A huge thanks and ciao.


Ferrari 250 GTC

! Morris Minor Panel Van

Both kind of outdated replicas


Buick Riviera Silver 1972.
250 hp at 4000 rpm.
508 nm at 2800 rpm.
max speed 174 km/h or 108 mp/h.
Weight 2014.6 kg or 4440 lb.
ABS — yes.
Lacking only a photo of the interior saloon.

buick_riviera_silver_-_buick_riviera_silver.car (39.8 KB)


1972 Buick Skylark

thrown together rather quickly admittedly
plenty of areas to improve

1973 Citroën DS 23 (replica/sort-of)

Citroën_-DS_23(1973).car (78.3 KB)

Personal Creations Thread

Mercedes AMG ONE.
1000 hp V6 electric motor or 735 kW.
For braking at low speeds, you can change the balance of the brakes so as not to enter the skid.
Lewis Hamilton’s dream — Yes.

Mersedes_AMG_ONE_-_Mersedes_AMG_ONE.car (50.0 KB)


German gang :sunglasses:
Porsche_911_(930)-Turbo_Flachbau.car (48.1 KB)
Audi_V8-4_2_Quattro.car (53.9 KB)
BMW(E9)-_3_0_CSI.car (46.2 KB)


1991 Suzuki Capucinno replica, with pop ups tho, so it looks better, in my opinion


Nissan Skyline R34 GT-S with GTR Bodykit


Skyline R34 GT-S


More precise copy of the Porsche 911 930 Flachbau.

ClearablePorsche_911_-_ClearablePorsche_911.car (41.4 KB)


There are no headlights, and there are some problems with the paint. How is it more accurate?


Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut.
Engine: V8 biturbo 1622 hp, 1510 nm.
Fuel type: Bioethanol E85.
Max speed: 400 km/h (532 original)
Weight 1390 kg or 3064 lb.
wheelbase: 2.7 meters.
Used original carcass.

Koenigsegg_Jesko_Absolut_4_mod_14_-_Koenigsegg_Jesko_Absolut_4_mod_14.car (23.7 KB)


Behold the Daihatsu Copen.
The photo scene takes about 6 months to open so it’s on the lift thing instead. BeamNG wasn’t too keen on its 0.7 litre turbo engine and it kept stalling, but it’s a funny thing to look at so it doesn’t really matter.


Its a decent first attempt at a Jesko, however the rear wing you’ve put on that car is just the normal Jesko, the Jesko Absolut is the low downforce top speed version and it has two tail fins instead.


I am of course abaut it, however without downforce, the car became undriveabely for driving in BeamNG, where physics was so poorly assigned to the true value of Earth’s gravity, therefore I was developed the road version and show it as Absolut.

By the way, I interpreted her perfect multi-clutch as a four-wheel drive, but it seems to me that there should be a rear.


Fair enough, however as far as the downforce is concerned you can achieve the same level of downforce by using the ducktail spoilers, but putting them inside one another so you get more downforce, but a cleaner more accurate look