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Car Replicas


mfw the suspension can’t be lower in the rear because of failed air suspension :pensive:

DODGE Challenger R/T


Because sometimes you’re tired and just want to do something stupid for fun.


1965_Veyron_-_L.car (39.8 KB)


I liked this mod and subscribed it in workshop!But there’s one problem:this car’s wheelbase should be 2.9m,not 3.1 in the mod.


Yet another replica based on a mod I made. I’m kinda cheating here.

1989 Citroën XM Replica


You should cheat by doing my car next :laughing:


1965 Nissan R380-II. High revving I6 sounding as awesome as it looks. I love when all the specs of a rare car are online so the replica drives as accurate as possible.

Nissan_R380_-_A-II.car (44.4 KB)


So, I saw this mid engined C2 and tried to imagine how would it be if it wasn’t a custom, but had came out like this.

Initially, I made it using the exact specs from the real one, but the deadly oversteer made me go to wider radial tires. Only driveable on a wheel due to still having wild oversteer, and it’s probably one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever done.

Chevrolet_Corvette_MR_-_327.car (39.8 KB)


So, boredom does things. Tried to recreate my dad’s '05 Civic. Came out pretty good I think. There’s the file if you want to drive or tinker with it. I also 3D printed the miniature.

Honda_Civic_-_LX.car (57.0 KB)


Roman’s Taxi and IV Turismo replica that i made.


No one yet? Ok, it’ll have to be me.

Wanna go bowling?




Yay, my own car. The replica gets its 132 hp @ 6000 rpm vs the original’s 5500 rpm (though the redline seems to be the same - for the original I have to rely on its tacho) and 180 Nm @ 3700 rpm vs the original’s 4200 rpm. It weighs 1366 kg, that’s 26 kg more than the real one officially. McPherson front (same) and semi trailing arm rear - here I don’t really know what exactly the original has and couldn’t find info on that, but it looks like that. FWD of course, and a 5 speed manual tuned to be close to the real one, at least for the revs at 5th. Efficiency also seems similar, 0-100 is a tiny bit better.

And you can download it and have fun: Peugeot_406_Coupe_-_2_0_16v.car (36.4 KB)

Just like I did :smiley:


For lower end cars, Peugeot traditionally uses torsion bars! Very useful to unlock lower wishbones when they are glued with rust!

But for higher end cars it’s Pseudo Mc Pherson front and Multilink rear!


BMW M2 Replica


ah yes, bmw m2

Identical. Never seen a better replica on these forums, good job.


Quick, misspelt “Carrera” and rather rushed but not too rushed like the previous one replica build of Porsche 911 Carrera 4 [996]


Have to agree. I try to be nice to other peoples work, but seriously, if you make a BMW replica you should at least get the kidney grille right, if not it feels like if you didn’t even try.


I don’t think it even comes close to being a 2-Series/M2 replica - there’s no lower grille or air vents, for starters.


LADA Samara Sputnik 1500