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Car Replicas


What if ?

“Mini” have long won their army of fans. But what if they released a risky mid-engined sports car?

It would make a Mini Runtamer! :sunglasses:

The engine is straight from the Cooper JCW GP, which produces 306 hp. This allows the lightweight coupe to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4.9 seconds. At the same time, the emotions from driving cannot be described in words. It’s best to experience it yourself.

Mini_Runtimer_-_JCW-R_British_Green_First_Edition.car (55.7 KB)







This should probably go into the “What if” thread


Oh, I didn’t know about this thread, can you share a link?



thx dude)


1986 Audi 4000S
was made before LCV4.1 so it doesn’t look as good as it can but I’m proud of it so I’m posting it on the forum


1983 Fiat Regata 1.3L

Because of the body I used, I dub this the Fiat Regreta. That’s definitely what I felt half way through building it at least.


Nah, it looks decent. Sometimes you have to bullshit your way though the bodies to get what you want. The replica I’ve made from my Brasilia is way smaller than the real one for eg, and the front is flat opposed to the pointy real one. Talking about it, I haven’t posted it here. Give me a sec.


Ok, so instead of spamming the forum again with my car, I’ve decided to do something special. This is said to be the last Brasilia produced. It’s an '83 LS version in Mantiqueira Metallic Green. I don’t believe it, most manufacturers here don’t care about their history. It lives in VWs museum, and it’s 0km, never registered. I also updated the car with new taillights, door handles, bumper caps, exhaust and it’s grille, materials, and interior detailing. I’ll probably remake my car over this one as it’s much better. It’s an accurate replica, in engine specs and power, gearing, suspension, and overall tuning.

I wish mine was an LS with this rare side trim.

VW_Brasilia_-_LS.car (137.3 KB)


1981 Ford Fiesta XR2

Shame I had to use the supersport wheels, but oh well.



just ignore the 2 extra doors and interior

Download: Mercedes-Benz_W124_300_-_AMG_6_0_Hammer.car (59.0 KB)


It’s a great answer to the question, “What if the AMG Hammer had four doors instead of two?” Certainly it would be more practical, but it would still look menacing in other motorists’ rear-view mirrors.


Ford Capri 280 Brooklands

3 Replicas in 3 days from me? What is this madness?


It did have a sedan variant…


2016 and 2019 GMC Terrain


2006 saturn


some pontiacs


@nate21 Very impressive GM stable you got there. 2020 Camaro next please!!! :slight_smile: