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Car Replicas


I love the 8C, it's one of my favourite cars, and you've done a great job given what's available.

Also, I love the fact that you quoted ZanBay's post with the capitals, that part of your post made me laugh a little (sorry ZanBay :stuck_out_tongue:).


Well done Kubby, looks quite good!


here's my first attempt at a replica. I still have a lot of things to learn but i love the new BMW M4 so much that i had to give it a try. And if you use your imagination a little bit, it actually looks similar:

I've only done the front because the tail lights are much too detailed and complicated, for me at least. But i'm satisfied with the looks of the front, knowing there's still room for improvement. I like how the angel eyes turned out though :slight_smile:
EDIT: I see someone tried to make the M4 before me, and he chose to use one specific set of headlights that the game already provided. Me on the other hand, i tried to put some basic shapes together to resemble the M4's headlights as much as i can, but that makes it look a bit cheap and unrefined. Sorry for that.

2nd EDIT: actually, when zoomed out a little bit, i think it looks closer to the original. Also, i had a go at the engine, and i make 9hp more but 53Nm less. However keep in mind that the BMW's real engine is a twin-turbocharged I6, something that's not yet in the game so i use a single turbocharged I6.



looks decent enough for me mate!


OK, you proved me wrong. Great job. I think that headlights+grille segment shouldn't be that narrow, but I know proportions are hard to get properly sometimes. Also, that little roundish scoop thingy that is on more modern M BMWs is not there. (CobaltGirl forgot about it too though, so it's no biggie.)


thanks to both of you! :slight_smile: I think it looks decent when zoomed out a bit, but when you're looking at those headlights from a closer standpoint, you can see the edges of all the different shaped lights that they're made of, and that's not very pretty in my opinion. It could be smoothed out a bit but i'm sure this will be improved before (or after) the game release.
Also, generally speaking, i wish for basic shaped lights (headlights + tail lights in circular and rectangular, maybe even triangular shape) without edges at all, so that when you put two or more shapes together the way you want, nobody will see where they overlap, you'll just get your desired shape and that's it. For instance, currently we can't really make the tail lights of today's supercars like a Lamborghini Aventador or a Corvette C7. That's also because the tail lights' minimum size is much bigger than the headlights' one so it's more difficult to make proportionately looking tail light LEDs. Again, i'm sure this will be changed so all we need is a little patience :slight_smile:



I made my interpretation of a modern Dodge Charger 440 R/T. Couldn't get the correct colour orange though.


Well the front looks a bit like an older honda NSX


iv been playing this all day made a few cars mainly Engines <3 but kinda made my own Capri V8 style, needs more work, but i feel i captured the Capri. heres the specs, also does anyone know if we will be able to change turbo sides in the future? wanna make a Coswroth engine :wink:


After recreating the Boss 351 engine, I decided that it needed a home. Thus, this is my recreation of the 1971 Ford Mustang series.

Aside from the fact that it needs more chrome, I tried to get it as true to form as possible.

PM me if you want the model/platform/engine package.


That's a great job, good work!


Looks real nice man! Well done :slight_smile: Im eager to see what replicas people will create with the new bodies that are coming :smiley:


And I'm so eager to try them out. I've started Automation almost every day for a month hoping for it to patch. :slight_smile:


Thought I'd have a go at the Daihatsu Charade G102S with the 1.3L HC-E engine. I was going to hold out for when the I3 engines come out so I could make the G100/101/102 1L but I kinda wanted to see how it would come out anyway so here it is!

Engine is as per the specs but its producing 10 N*m more than it should (probably fixable if I spend more time on it).


Looks pretty close man! Good job!


I know this is the car replica thread, but i think this one would rather belong to the "guess what car" thread :smiley:


ferrari 458


Nice try Tom! Looks pretty neat and I can really see a 458 Italia!


thanks! :slight_smile:
I bet you can't guess this one though [size=50](it's very easy)[/size], simply because i'm not good at doing replicas


Late 90's Acura Integra