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Car Replicas


Thr back end gave it away, right? :slight_smile: i'm happy with the rear end but the front is not very good, i admit


Still, the front made me think Integra straight away


What Wizzy said.



It's a Ford Falcon.


Oh i like it! Its real nice muscular haha!


Here's my Lotus Exige S V6 replika!! In my version, since there's not enough space for an I6 engine, it's V8-powered. Also, there's no wing currently in the game which resembles the Exige S V6's, so you can choose whichever you like.

If you want to know how to make this replica, you're very welcome to watch this video:



I started with the engine. I like the engine alot. Even though people say the 1.2 is better. This one rev a bit higher and is torquier, also I never had any problems with the oil lines people complain so much.
I replicated the engine from the service manual. I could replicate the rest of the car's specs too but the car builder isn't as clear on the values as the engine builder.
The engine max power is too late on the revs but to have it sooner it would made more torque and it already has more than it should.


Here's my Skyline R33 GTR replica, as requested by Youtube user Kalle Laitinen:

And here's how to do it :slight_smile:



So what is this car? supposed to be?


Its obvious its a Fiat Brava, Noporian.


It's about time i made a replica of my own car, right? :slight_smile:


A very nice replica, but the lip on the in-game model seems unnecessary.


With the new oldschool body, I just couldn't resist making replicas of the Ferrari 250 Lusso and 250 GT

250 Lusso

250 GT

I also made myself a sort of Colombo V8 with similar stats as the famous V12 (I really want V12 Engines)


Here's another replica video, this time on a '98 Nissan 200SX :slight_smile:

A little preview here:


Also, i thought there might be some people who like the Nissan S15. So i quickly did this:

You probably don't need a tutorial on how to make this car, but in case you do, here it is nonetheless:



-70 Mustang


2000 Mustang



Great job! :smiley:


That 2000 Mustang is amazing man!


Thanks guys!

Jaguar XK8 -96