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Car Replicas


Wow! Thanks! I am now working on a Alpha Romeo 4c Replica. I will try to post it soon! :smiley:


My other car replica of the Alpha Romeo 4c! A perfect car in real life, and also one of my favorites! :slight_smile:

Alpha Romeo 4c - Rev0.lua (129 KB)


For one I know Jakgoe and Pleb will find this really nice! And so do I :smiley:


Going to build a Galpin Ford GTR1 soon! Stay tuned!


I have decided to do the Bentley Mulsanne Instead of the ford. I am having trouble with the mods that i downloaded. When I scroll down through some of the mods my game crashes. So I decided to do something simpler. going to upload pics soon!


This is my new replica! The Bentley Mulsanne! I think I did my best on this one.

Bentley Mulsanne - Rev0.lua (104 KB)


Them three replicas are bloody awesome! The specs seem to be off, but they are pretty damn good. This may, however, be down to the fact that they are three of my favourite cars, especially the F-Type!

I remember making a pretty close-to-perfect Mulsanne engine (only torque came in too late and there wasn’t enough of it due to the game’s turbo calculations being off), and I know for certain that it doesn’t hit 7000 rpm :stuck_out_tongue:. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

Great work!


The Jaguar F-Type R coupe replica was already good, but i decided to revise it a little bit to make it look even closer to the real thing. Apart from painting it orange, i made the following changes:

  • Slightly adjusted main grille size and placement
  • Adjusted the placement of the vents on the front
  • Replaced the front bumper
  • Adjusted size and placement of the headlights
  • Added white indicator stripes to the headlights
  • Adjusted size and placement of the rear bumper (it’s now lower down)
  • Adjusted size and placement of the exhausts
  • Replaced the taillights with new ones
  • Replaced the indent for the number plate
  • AND replaced the engine. It’s now a 5.0L V8 like in the real one, but instead of being supercharged it’s twin-turbocharged and makes 551hp. Also, chassis and panels are now aluminium just like in the real car.

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe - Rev1.lua (106 KB)


Here’s a little preview of the replica i did in today’s Automation episode [size=85](which will be online in an hour or two, maybe earlier depending on my upload speed today)[/size]
Can you guess what it is?

http://i62.tinypic.com/htwemg.png http://i61.tinypic.com/1zpp634.png

Nobody took a guess, so i’m just gonna tell you what it is: it’s a Lamborghini Jalpa! And the video is online, check it out :slight_smile: youtube.com/watch?v=9TteCrdY5jw


Wow! It looks amazing! I think you have all the real skills to make car replicas. if you do it in the game, then why not real life?


because i don’t have the money to basically build a car from scratch, sadly. And if i’m gonna do it, i wanna do it properly


Ferrari F12


Cool! Interesting use of grilles at the front.


wow that car has some awesome detail!


I actually did this one a while ago, almost right after the Vanquish, just didnt remember to post it until now. And if I remember correctly, I made front from three different grilles.

But anyways, thanks guys :smiley:


Pretty good, but you need some chrome in that front grille :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my latest replica on my Youtube channel, a 1973 Ford Falcon XB youtube.com/watch?v=X4nY2r2JZBQ


Actually, I made the F12 grille. Check out my thread in the 3d modding part of the forum


Here’s my McLaren MP4-12C replica! youtube.com/watch?v=pIeE8x941Us
Better than the P1 replica i did?

Given that i also built the engine for the car, i might as well share the file, right? :stuck_out_tongue: PS: It’s faster accelerating than the real one but i hope you don’t mind :smiley:
12C Replica - Rev0.lua (112 KB)


Wow, this plus beep, much bot today.