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Car Shopping Round Suggestion


Hello all, I’m really enjoying competing in the CSR!

I am new here though and have made lots of mistakes! But I think I’m getting up to speed.

Anyway, my suggestion is that it might be a good idea to run 2 or 3 concurrently; so that there is always one open to compete in.

It seems this is the current 1-week rolling system - there’s a day making the first post with the outline of the challenge, regulations etc. Then maybe 3-5 days only that can be used to design competotors, and a day of judging plus maybe a day or two deciding who is hosting next.

It leaves a fairly narrow window to design your car, and sometimes when I just really want to build a car I can’t because the submissions are closed and I don’t know who the next customer is and what car they want to buy!

Would it make more sense to have a kind of rolling stagger to it? So that (for the sake of argument) CSR 72 continues as normal, but also CSR 73 starts on the same day.

CSR 72 has a one week limit as usual (it’s the transition) but CSR 73 has a two-week turnaround.

CSR 74 starts as soon as CSR 72 has finished, and is set by the winner of CSR 72; again with 2-week turnaround.

Likewise for CSR 73 and CSR 75.

This would mean there would always be an active CSR to design a submission for, and it would mean the host is perhaps not so rushed in their duties :wink:

What do you think?


uh…I dont think that would be a good idea.


No, it would be too many and too messy, I don’t like the idea. Why be in such a hurry?


There’s a very large window to design the car. Making the car and sending the it just before deadline with it not meeting requirements, not allowing you to make the necessary changes in time, is the problem you’ve had.

CSR has run very successfully like this for a while, and everybody enjoys it this way. I’m not saying I’m not open to change, I’m just saying that just because you were too late to the party we shouldn’t be making any changes to suit you. Everybody else managed it fine this time, the same can be said for the previous 70 rounds.

The point about being rushed in their duties isn’t the case either. The hosts make their own decision as to whether they have enough time to allocate towards hosting a CSR round, a choice that I had made. I’m not rushed whatsoever, I’m taking this at a very comfortable pace.

tl;dr - No.


Muscle Cars, Trucks, or Racing Minivans


You have hit the nail on the head right there - one CSR round at a time is enough for us; any more than that would be far too taxing for even the most dedicated users.


I understand that, I’m still new to this. I’m not angry or resentful at all that my submission had to be disqualified - I’m still learning and hopefully I won’t make the same mistake twice!

But I don’t see what the drawback would be, necessarily. It would still be one competition per week. It would just mean that when you get eliminated you can get straight on with another design :slight_smile:


Honestly, I think the tight time limit makes CSR good. No time limit would take part of the fun out, in my opinion.

Also, I think it’s also what makes a good host if they can create a rule set that pushes you but doesn’t make it too time consuming. Just my thoughts though.


I understand! I know I’m new to this and you guys have been doing it a long time. I just really love doing it and wish I could work on another straight away!


Yeah but to the majority of the participants it’ll just end up getting really tiresome really quick because it’ll take up twice the time which most people don’t have to burn. It just doesn’t make sense.


Yeah we’ve considered having multiple streams at once before but worry that would add a whole heap of new contingencies to it like having to consider whether or not we’d have to restrict who joins which and double the complexity in deciding the hosts etc. etc.

In terms of the turnover this schedule developed based on what we found worked and how to make things right when it didn’t… the fundamental premise is that the new host gets picked from the old round and they need a bit of time to figure their rules out so it wouldn’t be possible to achieve an instant turnaround by definition.