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Carcer Automobiles


Hey there !


Carcer Autos was fouded in America in 1981. It began making relatively basic cars, from sporty hatchbacks to reliable sedans. Some of it’s models became famous, like their first ever model, the Coyote.

First launched in 1982, the compact weighted 1.4 tons and had an Inline Six engine, putting out 198 hp.
The Coyote featured pop-up headlights, that had an electric engine problem on the first 100 models, that costed a lot to the company to repatriate and repair.

The model sold fairly well, with an attractive price of 6,694 dollars.
After 5 years of production, and 19422 models sold, the car was discontinued.


Not the prettiest thing ever…



Also what markup are you running?


I thought that his price could come after calculating in-game’s price to 1981 US $ value


Actually 1.3. Markup?


You mean 30%?


what? I’m not getting anything youre telling me ^^ sorry


hurts, man… :disappointed_relieved:


What is the price markup in the markets tab


uuuuuuuuuuuuuh idk I just went on the “how much did sport cars cost in the 80s” webpage ^^


I’d check out that market tab in the game. You might find that you’re selling at a loss, which isn’t a good business strategy.


I just use the “company type thread” to share my designs really ^^


Thats a bit of an understatement…


I thought it said Cancer Automobiles and it was going to be a company with models based off of constellations.