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Cardinal Tuning GmbH


Quick Facts:

  • Cardinal Tuning GmbH is a tuning firm founded in 2001, it’s naming was originally Megawatt Tuning GmbH, later in 2010 when the founder had an intense interest of the design of the Angry Birds Red Bird (based on the Northern Cardinal), hence the name changed into Cardinal Tuning GmbH.

  • Don’t be fooled by its name of “Tuning”, the company not just channels its efforts into tuning various engines. Similar to Ruf, Saleen, or Brabus, Cardinal Tuning GmbH would also manufacture their own vehicles, particularly from many other companies unused vehicle bodies, and then add different fixtures to indicate the fact that Cardinal Tuning GmbH and donor companies such as Toyota, Nissan, are different.

  • The tuning products have a wide range of pricing, from mid-range price of $70000, to the most extreme cases of more than a million!


  • Sports Series: $75K<Price<$100K
  1. Z-GT (Based on the Nissan Z34)
  2. Skyline GT650 (A production Homage to the Nissan Skyline GT-R)
  3. Stuttgart 550GT (Based on the Porsche 911)
  4. Jazz GT560 (Based on the classic Porsche 911, also a reference to G1 Transformers Jazz’s alternative mode)
  • Turismo Series: $100K<Price<$200K
  1. Skyline GT850XR (A production Homage to the Nissan Skyline GT-R)
  2. Uberwagen GT750S (Based on the Nissan GT-R, instead with a twist of M4 Layout producing more than 750 HP!)
  3. Skyline eHYBRID
  • Super Series: $200K to $350K
  1. Uberwagen GT1000RS (Based on the Nissan GT-R, instead with a twist of M4 Layout and produces a four-digit amount of horsepower!)
  2. Stuttgart eHYBRID 1250 (Based on the Porsche 911, instead with a hybrid powertrain producing more than 1250 horsepower!)
  • Homage Series
  1. Lightning GTR
  2. Vulcan M6
  3. Devil DB9
  4. Myoko Giant
  5. Inferno 66
  • Ultimate Series: Made to Order, ranging from $350K to a million!
  1. Coming Soon!

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Nice tribute. It actually outperforms even the Z-Tune version of the R34!