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Carson Motors History


Carson is an is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dallas, TX. At first it was called Carson & Bennet. In 1930’s Carson & Bennet has decided to make there first car and that car was the Carson & Bennet Grand Marais. Not only it was quick but it was also a good choice for cops and mafia gang members. But it wasn’t just the Grand Marais that was all good, but it was also The Carson & Bennet Hot Rod Coupe. These two specific vehicles were manufactured as they were both once a partnership. But then after those cars were made, the company changed their name to Carson.

In the 1960’s they realized they were missing. “Competition”. So Carson decided to make a project for the “24 Endurance Championship” and then this is what they came up with. The Carson 500GT. A race car with 4.2 liter V8 & 500hp. This was a American legend. In the 1970, Carson started there rivalry with Hunter. Hunter made cars like the Cavalry, Vegas & Mesquite. Carson was not gonna give up. So they decide to design 3 very slick muscle car. The Carson Fastback, Carson Opus & the one and only, Carson Annihilator.